What Is Pinon Coffee?

When we were in Miami, the local specialty was the Cuban sandwich. In Georgia, it was boiled peanuts. In Northern New Mexico, we found out about the stuffed sopaipillas.

And in Gila National Forest and southwestern Colorado, we kept hearing about Pinon coffee. It took us a few weeks to finally get around to trying this regional specialty and now we’ll let you know what you’re missing.

What Is Pinon Coffee?

Pinon coffee is pretty simple stuff. It’s a normal coffee combined with Pinon nuts, then roasted. We have a bag of the coffee from New Mexico Pinon Coffee Company, where they proclaim proudly that they roast in small batches for higher quality. (They also have Colorado and Texas Pinon Coffee, but we didn’t try those.)

So What’s It Taste Like?

Let’s get to the most important part…what’s Pinon coffee taste like? When you first smell it, you’ll think you’re about to drink a flavored coffee. It has a sweetly spiced smell, like it’s been loaded down with cinnamon and sugar.

But it’s not a flavored coffee. In fact, it tastes remarkably like regular coffee, but with a slightly nutty flavor. There’s less bitterness than most regular coffee, making for a smoother taste. It’s definitely good coffee, though not a whole lot different than most other high-quality coffee. Nonetheless, when you get to New Mexico or Colorado, seek out a cup.