Valentine’s Day On The Road

The cheesiest picture we could find…

It’s time again for that annual holiday where we show our significant other our love and affection, Valentine’s Day. (Of course, you should probably make sure you do this more than once a year.) If you pay attention to the commercials, the best way to prove your love and affection is by buying something for your partner. Typically, the more sparkly the gift, the better, though chocolate, roses, and spa packages work well too.

We take a different route. This is our third Valentine’s Day and we have yet to actually buy each other anything. While we don’t put a lot of emphasis on Valentine’s Day, we do use it as a good excuse to go out and do something together. This year, since we live in a truck with minimal extra space, not acquiring more stuff is even more important.

Valentine’s Day 2010

Our first Valentine’s Day together, in 2010, we set the precedent of having experiences instead of buying each other gifts. At that point, we’d been dating for about 7 months and had talked about how much fun going to the Louisville Science Museum would be. So for Valentine’s Day, we decided to make it happen.

First, we got up and went to breakfast at Queen of Sheba – a great little Ethiopian restaurant in Louisville. When our bellies were full, we headed over to the Science Museum. The Titanic exhibit was there, so we spent an hour or two there, then watched the Titanic IMAX movie, then spent a few hours acting like kids and playing with all of the other science exhibits. Then we went back to Edie’s apartment and cooked dinner.

Valentine’s Day 2011

Last year, Edie had to go to New Orleans for a work conference. So we both flew to New Orleans for the weekend and took a Swamp Tour just east of New Orleans. Unfortunately, in the winter the gators weren’t out and about, but we still got to see nutria, tons of birds, and the swamp. Then we probably went to Bourbon St and drank too much, but it’s all a blur.

And This Year…

This year, we’re sticking with our annual “Do something rather than buy something” Valentine’s Day. Since we’re staying at a house 7,000 feet up in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico, we decided that a day drive is in order. No more than 5 miles away, there’s a scenic byway through the mountains, leading right up to Cuba, NM and around the Jemez Mountain Trail.

The plan is to grab some breakfast somewhere in a little dive and pack something for an afternoon picnic somewhere in the mountains. Along the way, we’ll stop and see some of the ancient ruins and national monuments, take pictures, and generally just have a relaxing day to ourselves.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do you celebrate or skip the holiday?