The Range Cafe (Bernalillo, NM)

After the first half of scenic driving on our 2012 Valentine’s trip, we were needing food. We’d started the day with a workout and then the drive, so by the time we were done with all that, it was 1 p.m. Thanks to Scott’s great pre-planning, our rumbling bellies got to head to The Range Cafe for a little grub.

The Range Cafe has three locations in the Albuquerque area and, luckily for us, serves breakfast until 3 p.m. We were craving eggs!

Huevos Rancheros

Edie chose the Huevos Rancheros for her breakfast – a dish of 2 eggs cooked any style on top of blue corn tortillas with white cheddar cheese and a choice of chile sauce on top. It was served with Range Fries, pinto beans and a tortilla. Edie opted for her eggs to be scrambled, the chili sauce to be green and the tortilla to be blue corn instead of flour.

What a great flavor combination! The cheese, green chili sauce, and creamy eggs blended together beautifully. The blue corn tortillas were a little too chewy to cut with just your fork, but they were still a great part of the dish.

Papas con Chorizo

Scott opted for the Papas con Chorizo – Range fries (i.e. home fries) with smoked chorizo sausage, topped with white cheddar cheese, green onions and 2 eggs cooked the style of your choice, then served with tortillas. Scott got his eggs over easy and also opted for blue corn tortillas instead of flour ones.

The crisp, fried potatoes and smokey-spicy sausage went well underneath the cheese, onions and eggs. A very tasty combo indeed. The plate was hot enough that the eggs kept cooking so that the over easy eggs ended up with non-runny yolks.


Range Fries

Edie’s breakfast came with a side of Range Fries – the Range Cafe’s version of home fries. They were sliced instead of cut into chunks – almost like they could have been turned into thick-cut potato chips. And they were crisp & fried on the outside while still being soft on the inside.

Pinto Beans

Edie’s plate also came with a side of pinto beans topped with cheese. Nothing tremendously exciting here, but these beans were soft and tasty.

Blue Corn Tortillas

Both dishes came with tortillas, and since we tend to prefer corn over flour, we both opted for the blue corn. Although they were a little dry and chewy on their own, the flavor was still great.


What, you you don’t have dessert after your breakfasts?

As much as Edie’s sweet tooth might want dessert after breakfast on a daily basis, we typically don’t end our eggs with cake and cookies. However, our visit to The Range Cafe was on Valentine’s Day…at 1 p.m….after a morning gym workout and an hour plus drive through the Sandia Mountains. So dessert seemed a little more appropriate.

We (read: Edie) opted for just a little something sweet – a scoop of The Range Cafe’s special cinnamon ice cream and one of their Valentine iced sugar cookies, specifically a Love Lizard. The cookie was just your basic iced sugar cookie. Very cute and tasty, but nothing mind blowing. The cinnamon ice cream was incredible (Julie S., you would have LOVED it!). It had a great cinnamon flavor and a creamy texture.


Our server, Zanne, was friendly and efficient – with great enthusiasm for the restaurant’s desserts! [Perhaps that might have helped tip the scale in favor of ending with something sweet!] When she sold Edie on the Love Lizard cookie she mentioned that her son had turned his into “his pet.”

Overall Value

Total cost, including tip, was $26.00. Perhaps a little high for breakfast, but that included dessert and was plenty filling to be our only real meal for the whole day.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

After being stuck in the truck during Scott and Mommy’s workout AND while they ate breakfast inside the restaurant, they owed me! Luckily, they came through pretty well this time.

When they came back out to the truck, I was greeted with a to-go box full of yummy food. I got a few bites of sugar cookie with cinnamon ice cream drizzled on top – dogs need sugar, after all! They also shoved a bunch of potatoes, eggs, sausage and beans inside two whole blue corn tortillas. That wasn’t so cool – I had to drag the top tortilla out of the way so I could get to the really good stuff.

But never fear. The tortillas weren’t wasted. I gobbled those down, too.

Overall Ratings

Huevos Rancheros
Papas con Chorizo
Overall Value
Final Rating
Knox’s Rating