Stuffed Sopaipillas

While we were staying with our WorkAway hosts, they mentioned that, while we were in New Mexico, we had to try the state’s unique cuisine contribution – the Stuffed Sopaipilla.

Having worked at On The Border for a number of years, Edie thought she had a pretty good handle on sopaipillas (also spelled sopapillas). They were the fried balls of dough, seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, then served with honey, right?

Not in New Mexico.

Apparently, New Mexico has its own version of the sopaipilla. There is still dough involved, but the New Mexico version isn’t sweet. As expertly described by Wikipedia, the New Mexico sopaipilla is:

serve[d]…in place of bread, or filled with ingredients common to tacos and enchiladas.

So basically, this type of sopaipilla is like a burrito…except with a bread dough kind of shell instead of a tortilla. We decided it was worth a taste.

Next to our hotel in Santa Fe was a restaurant called the Flying Tortilla, and they just so happened to serve this New Mexican specialty. They offer their stuffed sopaipillas with either ground beef or chicken filling and either green or red chile on top. We weren’t super hungry, so we decided to split one, and since the green chile could light your nose hairs on fire, we opted for a ground beef-filled sopa with red chile on top.

Verdict: Pretty darn good! The doughy shell in place of the tortilla gave the dish a slightly different flavor and texture, but one that we enjoyed. It was definitely different than the sweet sopaipillas, but way better for lunch since at least you were eating a meal instead of just dessert.