Two Days In Northern Indiana

After leaving Michigan, our westward journey took us to northern Indiana for a two day visit to a couple of spots before heading to Chicago. First, we checked out the Amish Flea Market in Shipshewana, IN. The next day, we headed to South Bend for a tour of Notre Dame’s campus.

The Amish Flea Market In Shipshewana

As we’ve mentioned before, Edie’s Mom grew up in rural Virginia surrounded by a significant population of Amish and Mennonite folk. Having experienced their incredible baking skills in Pennsylvania (and wanting to experience them again!), we decided to check out the Amish Flea Market in Shipshewana, about an hour east of South Bend.

Billed as “The Midwest’s Largest Flea Market,” this place has a ridiculous number of vendors. You can find nearly anything here, from Army surplus to watches and food to sunglasses. We were there for about 45 minutes and only managed to see about 1/3 of the place. But we did find a little bakery booth serving up Whoopie Pies and got one to try – YUM!

Should you find yourself in the area (or rather should you decide to make a trip, because there’s little reason for most people to be “in the area”), the Flea Market is held every Tuesday and Wednesday from the first of May to the end of October.

Be sure to check out Yoder’s Meat & Cheese Company while you’re there for your pick of grass-fed beef, lamb, bison, pork, and chicken, oodles of smoked meats and cheeses, and more than enough other food items to take care of you.

In addition to the Flea Market, the surrounding area is beautiful farmland with scenic drives that will definitely give you a glimpse of the alternative Amish lifestyle. Buggies are EVERYWHERE!

The University Of Notre Dame

Since we were blasting across northern Indiana, we decided to spend a few hours touring Scott’s alma mater, The University Of Notre Dame. Edie had never seen the campus and Scott hadn’t been since 2007, so we decided to visit one of the nation’s most beautiful campuses.

The campus has certainly changed over the last 5 years, with the removal of a road (to the point that if you didn’t know there used to be a road, you won’t know now) along with the addition of numerous buildings, all with matching architecture so the campus maintains its uniformity.

We did witness quite a sight during our visit. An unfortunate squirrel fell into the reflecting pool at the front of Hesburgh Library (the building with Touchdown Jesus on the side) and couldn’t get out due to the steep sides.

After swimming around for 5 minutes or so, the little guy was finally saved. He walked over to a nearby tree and collapsed, exhausted from the swimming. It took him a few minutes to recover enough to actually climb the tree, with his gray fur still tainted slightly blue from the water in the pool.


There’s not much that we can tell you about our two Indiana stops that we can’t show you better in pictures. Enjoy!