Renewing My Faith

Last month, we published an article about our travels in Asheboro Magazine called Living The Dream. We’re now writing a monthly article for them and decided that for the next three months, we’ll write about what each of us learned and how we grew on our big adventure.

This month was Edie’s turn to talk about her experience on the road with her article Renewing My Faith.

As a child and teenager, I spent a good portion of my time volunteering. Each December I helped the Red Cross throw a holiday party for children whose homes had been destroyed by fires. I was a candy striper at two local hospitals. I volunteered at a nearby nursing home’s wing for HIV and AIDS patients. I spent my time surrounded by other volunteers, both adults and youths, who wanted to help their fellow men and who asked nothing in return.

And then, I grew up. I became a corporate transactional attorney with a large regional law firm. More often than not, I watched concern for profit trump concern for others.

Read the rest of the article in this month’s issue of Asheboro Magazine and let us know what you think in the comments below!