Playing with Tuffy

I realized one thing I miss about a corporate job – no one bites you.  Well…at least not literally.

On Thursday (Happy Birthday, Dad!), Scott and I spent part of our morning gathering pecans.  Thankfully, gathering pecans on this WWOOF farm doesn’t involve walking around bent over and picking them up with your hands.  Our hosts have these handy little contraptions you roll or push over the pecans that grab the pecans for you.  [By the way, fresh pecans taste AMAZING!!]

But don’t think this was an entirely easy job.  The pecan trees are located in Tuffy’s field and Tuffy definitely makes things more challenging.

Tuffy is a stallion with a LOT of personality.  He isn’t mean; he isn’t malicious.  Tuffy is just very playful.  But a 1200 pound animal that is as mischievous as a 7-year-old boy ends up just being a big pain in the butt.  Or in my case, the arm.

Tuffy started out by just mouthing our pecan grabbers while we were trying to work.  When that didn’t faze us enough for his liking, he went over to the big trash can holding our pecan haul and knocked it over.  With that task complete, Tuffy decided a good roll in the dirt sounded good.  Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.  Tuffy soon turned his sights on Knox and chased him around the field.

Once Knox was removed from the field, Tuffy decided it was time to play with me.  Yippee.  He started by just grabbing my jacket and pulling.  That was amusing until he grabbed harder…and got skin…and didn’t let go.

Luckily, Scott came to my rescue and got Tuffy to release my arm.  We decided that was enough pecan picking for the day.

Tuffy was certainly entertaining – but he definitely left a mark!

Here are some more pictures of Tuffy’s antics.