Pictures of the Week – Saturday, September 22nd

When you’re on the road, sometimes internet access isn’t always an option. Such was the case most of this past week after leaving San Diego and heading east into Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Thus, the Pictures of the Week are coming to you on Saturday instead of Friday this time.

Over the past 7 days, we FINALLY left our hosts’ in San Diego (after 18 days and nights, we’re sure they were thrilled!). We had a night in Las Vegas (sorry, no pictures, since what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!), 2 nights in the Grand Canyon, and then headed into the National Parks of Utah.

This week’s scenery was incredible. Here are our favorite shots…all out of Arizona. (Never fear – next week will likely be filled with Utah shots!)

View From Within

When we initially visited the Grand Canyon back in March, the amazing views fueled our desire to one day make a return trip and hike down into the canyon. One day only took 6 months, and we made our first hike into the canyon this past Wednesday. It was even more beautiful and incredible than we had imagined at the rim.

Unfortunately, we only got to do a 6 mile round trip hike. That hike took us 2000 feet down into the canyon…but that wasn’t far enough to quench our desire to explore this place. Looks like another trip (a rim to rim hike!) will have to happen one day, but then, perhaps that will only fuel our interest more!

Hiking Buddy

There was no shortage of wildlife during our Grand Canyon hike. Birds, lizards, giant insects, and fat squirrels were all along the trail on both the descent and the ascent.

Another animal prevalent along our hike was the nimble mountain goat. The curious little goat in the picture above was only a few yards from the trail, watching hikers and happily posing for photos. Most of the other goats we saw along the way stayed quite a distance from the trail and all the humans.

No Jumping

On our drive from the Grand Canyon up to Utah, we traveled along US Route 89A, which took us across the Navajo Bridge. The story of the bridges (one for vehicular traffic and one for pedestrians) is pretty interesting, so check out the Wikipedia article, but we’re just going to talk about the amazing views.

We took the walk from one end of the pedestrian bridge to the other and back again. The Colorado River flowed over 400 feet beneath us. The Vermilion Cliffs towered above us to the west. Needless to say, Edie took lots of pictures both of the bridges and of the scenery around them.

One sign we noticed as we prepared to walk the bridge said “No Jumping.” Um…shouldn’t that be a given?!? And what are they going to do to you if you do jump? (There’s not likely to be much left to stand trail.)