Pictures of the Week – Friday, September 7th

Happy Friday, friends! Scott and Edie get a break from blogging today while the four-legged (and clearly most popular…) member of the 160K crowd takes over the site. (Not that the humans need more of a break…they’ve done nothing but sleep in, eat yummy food, and walk on the beach since we got to San Diego!)

I’ll stick with the Friday tradition of Pictures of the Week, but since Edie has only taken pictures of dogs the past 7 days anyway, I’ll just use the pictures to show off my skills. I mean, we are in SoCal, aren’t we? What better place to pander to the entertainment big wigs and try to land a gig to get rid of my dependence on upright walkers?

So…Hollywood heavy hitters, listen up. Now that Scott and Edie are no longer worried about me biting an A-lister, I’m available for work in the following areas. (I’d prefer a major motion picture co-starring Justin Timberlake since I truly believe we’d appeal to the same target audience, but I won’t turn down other opportunities.)

Action Star

Thanks to some rigorous training by hiking, running with horses, and chasing kitties, I have gone from a Rubenesque 60 pounds to a svelte 48…which means I am now in ideal shape for starring in my very own action film.

Need a movie dog to chase a ball? Another dog? A wild animal? I’m your guy! I can run and jump with the best of ’em (even more so when chasing a critter of the feline persuasion, but I digress). Bonus? I even have some ability on the agility courses!


Not only can I handle myself in a chase scene, but I have comedic timing for a dog that you wouldn’t believe! (So why wasn’t I recruited for The Expendables 2?!?)

In case you haven’t religiously been reading this blog and seeing all of my pictures, I am full of hilarious expressions sure to make any audience double over with laughter.

Given an option, however, I’d prefer NOT to do any movies involving water. The picture above, while hilarious, is not my best look. I’ll require a much higher salary if submersion in liquid of any kind is required.

Bad Boy

Haven’t you heard the stories about me? Of course I can play a bad boy! This dog has seen his share of fights. I have frightened men, women, and children across the U.S.

Even better? I have quite the impressive coat of hair. Shiny and silky, I wear it long or shave it off. Mohawks are clearly an option, too.


Need a cute doggy to stump for your stuff? I’m your guy – I’ll do anything for a treat! Just look at me posing here with a nice, chilled bottle of Bowser Beer. Happy dogs drink Bowser Beer.

My friend Nellie is also quite the spokesdoggy and, at a 1/3 of my size, may be less intimidating for humans that can’t handle my strong doggy presence.

Okay, Hollywood, I’ll be waiting for your call!