Pictures of the Week – Friday, September 28th

We have spent the past 7 days exploring the National Parks (and 1 State Park) of Utah. WOW! The varied landscape, amazing colors, and great hikes have blown us away!

Since we have visited 5 parks, we decided that this week we would share 5 pictures with you – our favorite picture from each park.

Consider this a plug for visiting Utah – this place is incredible!

Exploring Zion

Our first stop in Utah was to camp and hike in Zion National Park. As an introduction to the State, this park didn’t disappoint.

Giant sandstone cliffs towered above us on our hike while the Virgin River flowed below us. The reds, pinks, and whites of the cliffs contrasted beautifully with the blue sky above and green trees on the canyon floor.

Visiting Another World

Our visit to the Grand Canyon last week certainly gave us some beautiful views, but when it comes to National Park canyons, we think Bryce Canyon takes the canyon cake!

A visit to Bryce Canyon National Park is like visiting another world. Seriously, the rock formations and bright orange & pink colors make you feel like you are on another planet!

Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point State Park finally gave us an opportunity to do a longer hike with Knox in Utah. Zion & Bryce had only had one short hiking option each.

Walking along the rim trails, both the human and dog components of the 160K crowd got to test our comfort with heights and gaze at the green color of the Colorado River running far below us. Oh, and the dog component got to flip out over each and every lizard and chipmunk that skittered by us.

A Rock With A View

Looking for a place with gorgeous red rock formations and nature-made windows? Go explore Arches National Park.

With Knox happily sniffing new doggy rears at daycare, we embarked on a hike at the end of the road in Arches that gave us the chance to see 7 arches along the way. Each had a unique view and slightly different shape, and the desert hike across slickrock to see each one was incredible, too.

Needles City

Although the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park is the most popular portion of the park, we opted for the quieter Needles District on our last day in the Moab, Utah, area.

On our hike across more slickrock, we could see the rock formations for which the district was named. They looked like a city skyline rising off in the distance…though a city on another planet besides Earth!