Pictures of the Week – Friday, September 14th

A big thank you to the incredibly humble four-legged member of our trio for giving his humans a break last Friday, but alas, it’s back on us this week!

Unlike the major moves we’ve been making over the past few months, this week was again spent in and around Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. We have been enjoying the break from changing homes every few days, and we have taken full advantage of this opportunity to catch up on posts, sleep, and get some beach time.

But never fear – we haven’t let the camera take a break! Here are our favorite shots from the past 7 days.

Lazy Man’s Sunset

Ocean Beach has a wonderfully long pier where you can watch incredible sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. And this pier is only about a mile walk from the house where we’re staying. Yet…we haven’t managed to wander over there for a sunset one night. We’ve just been enjoying our break too much and either filling our bellies with incredible food or chilling at the house when those sunsets come!

Luckily, there are plenty of gorgeous colors in the sky at sunset, and there are plenty of palm trees near the house. We managed to exert enough effort one night to walk onto the back deck and snap this shot.

The Windblown Look

Prior to leaving on our epic trip, Edie had a MINI Cooper convertible. She LOVED that car and said that it was impossible to be unhappy driving around in that car with the top down. But she always rode in the front seat…and she had shorter hair.

Fast forward to last Saturday’s road trip out to some SoCal wineries in Brian’s convertible Camaro. Thanks to being the most vertically challenged, Edie got to sit in the back seat for the top-down ride…where she happily did her best Cousin Itt impression.

Although there were definitely some tangles after the trip, at least her hair was dry and straight by the end!

Nellie-Wan Kenobi

Our hosts’ dog Nellie has been a constant source of entertainment during our stay in OB.

She’s an avid fly hunter, following them from room to room and pouncing when they get too close. She routinely unfolds laundry or unmakes beds to create a comfy nap spot for herself. She eagerly bounds into our room and jumps on our bed to give us “Good Morning” kisses if we forget to close the door tightly.

In addition, she’s been great about posing for Edie for countless pictures. Unlike Knox, when you toss a sheet over Nellie’s head, she just stays in one spot and looks cute instead of trying to untangle herself and ending up falling off the bed like our own four-legged friend.