Pictures of the Week – Friday, May 4th

The past week finally brought us back home to Louisville, Kentucky, for a week and a half of Derby festivities, family and friends. Most important for Knox, it brought him back to his Grandma for lots & lots of treats.

After being gone for 4 months, we have a lot of running around to do in order to see everyone – meaning not too much time for getting creative with the photos! But never fear; we still managed to pick out 3 shots we found worthy of Picture of the Week status.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Don’t let his cute little face and submissive pose fool you – Knox is not a fan of strangers. Grandma knows this and was prepared for her vicious little grandpuppy – she bought “Beware of Dog” signs for each side of her backyard fence.

Neighbors, stick your fingers through the chain link at your own risk!

The Birds & The Bees and The Flowers & The Trees

Edie’s Mom is a true gardener. Herbs, veggies, flowers – you name it, she’s probably grown it. And springtime is a busy – and beautiful – time in her backyard.

While Knox was doing his own watering of the backyard vegetation, Edie scouted around for some fun shots. There were tons of flowers in full bloom, ready for their close-up. This one caught her eye, thanks to the little bee playing in the pollen.

Retro Wheel

We spent last weekend in South Pittsburg, TN, at the National Cornbread Festival. In addition to the incredible cornbread, this was a true street festival, complete with craft vendors, food tents and a slew of carnival rides and games.

We walked by the ferris wheel and Edie grabbed this fun shot. Given the color, of course we did a little photo editing – which gave the picture a neat retro feel.