Pictures of the Week – Friday, May 18th

The past week has taken us from Gettysburg, PA, to Lansing, MI…with many stops to see family and friends along the way. Six friends in four different cities in seven days to be exact! Plus six new dogs for Knox to frolic with, three cats to chase, and two children to terrify him (kids are very scary to our pup!).

Don’t worry though; our pictures of the week are not just a photo montage of the people we saw. We also got to see some incredible sites along our route! Here are the pictures that we liked the most in the past seven days.


We woke up last Friday in a tiny motel in Gettysburg, PA, just a few miles away from Gettysburg National Military Park. Since Edie loves Civil War history (thanks, Mr. Karem!), we had to make at least a quick stop at the battlefield so she could see the sites she’d read about.

There are many monuments & statues erected in the battlefields. One in particular caught our eye in the East Cemetery Hill area of the park. Edie took this shot looking up at the large metal horse atop one monument. Doesn’t he look angry?

The City of Brotherly Love

We spent an incredible three days exploring Philadelphia and spending time with some of Scott’s good friends. We ate some incredible food and got a chance to walk all over the city thanks to clear skies & warm weather. On Saturday, if you happened to be driving along Broad Street, you might have seen the entourage of four adults, one stroller, and two dogs walking across the road, heading to Rittenhouse Square for picnic.

On the way there, Edie stopped in the median of Broad Street to take this picture. We liked the way it looked in black & white more than in color. The hustle & bustle of the city is still captured, along with the historic beauty, without too much distraction from the varied colors along the street.


Meet Lady. She is the incredibly affectionate, unbelievably soft Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix that belongs to Edie’s first cousin once removed. We met up with Edie’s cousin at a dog park near her home so that Knox and Lady could frolic (and run off some energy!) while we talked.

Animal photograph lover that she is, Edie couldn’t resist getting a close-up of Lady and her beautiful brown eyes. Trust us; Lady is even cuter in real life!