Pictures of the Week – Friday, May 11th

Up until Thursday of this past week, we were still enjoying a visit with family and friends in Louisville, Kentucky. We all had a wonderful & BUSY time in our hometown – Derby festivities, family gatherings and lots of errand running! Alas, that visit has come to an end.

We are now back on the road, making our way to Alaska…by way of Philadelphia, PA. You know, because it is on the way and all.

Here are the pictures we liked the best from this past week.

Flower Power

As we mentioned last week, Edie’s Mom is quite the gardener. Summertime is a great place to visit her yard because of all the veggies & herbs she grows (seriously, she was practically our personal CSA last summer!), but springtime brings a beautiful array of flowers.

Edie grabbed this shot one evening of one of her Mom’s roses. We might have helped out the shot a little with a spritz of water, but natural or enhanced, we still think it is pretty cool. [Diane F., you said you like to take flower shots, so we hope you enjoy this one!]

The Other White Meat…Lots & Lots Of It!

For some, the Kentucky Derby is a time for fancy clothes, big hats, mint juleps and betting on the ponies. For Scott and his friends, Derby time means cookouts, bourbon, and Bacon Explosions. What is a Bacon Explosion you ask? Check out the Wikipedia entry here, but a quick description is that it is a lattice work of bacon wrapped around sausage and MORE bacon.

Scott and his buddies enhanced their version with cheese and jalapenos on the inside along with the sausage and crumbled bacon before cooking it on the grill for 3 hours. The result? An insanely tasty, pretty darn salty, and cardiologist unapproved log of pork. The picture above is a cross-section of the Derby day masterpiece.

Pouting Puppy

Knox has mentioned before how much he misses his Grandma when we’re out on the road. Thus, he was thrilled to spend just over 10 days with her during our visit home. (Nevermind the extra neck roll he appears to have developed in those 10 days…)

So when we headed back out yesterday morning, Knox was not the happiest dog in the world. He spent the majority of the ride up to Pennsylvania sighing loudly and giving us sad puppy dog eyes – like the ones you see above.

Don’t worry, Knox. We’re pretty sure Grandma was just as sad to see you go!