Pictures of the Week – Friday, March 9th

Another week, another group of our favorite pictures from the last 7 days.

Through Help Exchange, we’ve been staying with a family (including their guinea fowl, chickens, rabbits and goats) in the beautiful Gila National Forest this past week. Lots of opportunities for great pictures around here!

I See You!

Last summer, Scott decided to have a little fun with the camera and take a picture of my eye. The way his reflection showed up in my iris made it look like he was grabbing my pupil. We decided to play around with that shot and try it again.

Luckily, it worked. His reflection showed up well again, and after switching the photo to black & white, we liked it even more.

Who Doesn’t Love Baby Animals?

When we arrived here at our HelpX homestay, there were 5 adorable 2-week-old baby goats, jumping around and baaing their little hearts out. Part of our “work” is to hold the babies so that they are well-socialized with humans. Um, yeah. Sign us up! How can you not be happy holding an adorable baby animal who nibbles gently on your hair or shirt collar?

The cute little kid in the picture is one of the 3 little female babies. She is by far the bravest and most friendly, jumping against your leg when you’re in the goat pen or running up to the fence to sniff Knox.

Ghost Town

On our first day off, we decided to drive around and see some of the sites within Gila National Forest. One of those is a ghost town called Mogollon. A bustling mining town from the late 1880s until World War I, the town’s population plummeted with the beginning of World War II.

After taking the harrowing one-lane, blindly curving road to the town, it was like driving back in time. The old gas station in the picture above was just one of the many out-of-date and out-of-use buildings in the tiny town. We thought the sepia tone was highly appropriate for this shot.