Pictures of the Week – Friday, March 30th

Another busy week on the road! We’re on another HelpX stay, this time on a 480 acre ranch in southwestern Colorado. Scott’s doing website work and construction projects, Edie’s helping run a gas station/convenience store, and Knox is keeping the barn kitties in shape by chasing them constantly. We’ve had an opportunity to see the Four Corners Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, and our very first livestock auction.

Here are our favorite shots from this week:

Overlooking The San Juan

When we went to visit the Four Corners Monument, we were lucky enough to find a decent little hiking trail on the property. We hooked Knox up to his leash and off we went.

The trail wound around the hills and ridges overlooking the monument and provided us with an awesome view of the San Juan River. We loved the way the red/burnt orange plant life next to the river almost made it look like it had flames lining its sides.

Bacon On The Hoof

In addition to a sweet Lab mix and a couple of barn kitties, the HelpX ranch is home to 5 hogs – who are destined to become tasty hams, bacon, sausages, and other pork products once they gain another hundred pounds or so.

This is one of the little pre-bacon porkers. He was a little skittish when the flash went off, but he enjoyed chewing on Edie’s rubber boots so all was good.

Next Year’s Halloween Mask?

Last Saturday, our host was nice enough to lead us on a hike around her property. We hiked up to the top of a ridge where you could see for miles and miles (all the way to New Mexico in fact!), down into a large valley with snow-topped mountain ranges all around.

When we got back down onto her flatter grazing pastures, we ran across a steer skull. It had been sitting out in the sun for a while, but still had a little bit of skin hanging off a one horn. Scott decided it might make a fun mask. Unfortunately, it was a little heavy.