Pictures of the Week – Friday, March 2nd

Apparently, every week in New Mexico is a busy week for a camera!

We keep saying it, and we’ll say it again – New Mexico is breathtaking! Our photos cannot do it justice. The landscape is so vast and varied, with so many vibrant Earth tones.

And this week we certainly covered quite a bit of the state – from Taos in north-central New Mexico, to Carlsbad in the southeastern corner, and finally to Gila National Forest in the southwestern portion of the state.

Here are the shots we liked the best.

Natural vs. Man-Made Beauty

This picture is of the bridge running over the Rio Grande Gorge. we have beautiful color shots of this area, showing the blue water of the river, the browns of the gorge walls, the white-capped mountains and the steel bridge. However, we opted to choose the black & white shot for this week.

We like the contrast between the natural beauty and this incredible man-made structure that conquered the gorge. An interesting bit of trivia: this bridge can’t conquer man’s own nature. The bridge is the site of roughly 3 suicides a year.

The Queen’s Ice Cream Cone

While we were in Carlsbad, NM, we visited Carlsbad Caverns. Wow – the enormity of these caverns was unlike any cave we’d visited before. And the structures inside were incredible, too. They looked like they belonged on another planet.

This shot was taken inside the Queen’s Chamber, of a structure called the Queen’s Ice Cream Cone. See the resemblance?

Is That Snow?

Many, many years ago, Edie’s dad was in the air force and stationed out near Alamogordo, NM. That was reason enough for us to take a slight detour on our trip from Carlsbad to the Gila National Forest and visit the city. While there, we stumbled upon the White Sands National Monument.

As you drive into the city, you can’t miss the bright shocking strip of white across the landscape. From a LONG way off, too! We wandered around the area and took a hike through the bright (very bright!) dunes. We liked the shot of this tree. In black & white, it’s hard to tell that it’s sand and not snow.

Bonus Shot!

We couldn’t resist adding this one into the mix for the week. It was taken with Edie’s iPhone instead of her camera, driving back to the hotel after visiting Carlsbad Caverns…well, at least after some of us got to visit the caverns.

Alas, dogs are not allowed in the caves. Due to the desert sun and heat, dogs are also not allowed to be left unattended in vehicles (some of us were quite impressed & happy with this policy!). Thus, Knox got to spend his time in the on-site kennel. Definitely not Knox’s idea of a good time.

Since we felt bad for leaving the little guy, he got a special treat on the drive back – a chance to ride up front with his humans. He promptly curled up and took a nap.