Pictures of the Week – Friday, March 16th

We had a busy final week in the Gila National Forest: Scott did some rooftop hunting, we visited the cliff dwellings, we cooked & baked for our hosts, we painted a house and, of course, we played with baby goats some more.

After all of that, here are the shots we liked the best.

Scott’s Guinea

When we arrived at our hosts’ home in Gila, they had 2 guinea fowl roaming their property. Unfortunately, one of those birds got killed by a wild animal one night during our first week (and no, it wasn’t Knox!). This meant the remaining guinea was left all alone. Before it could get picked off too, Scott took aim from the garage roof and put the lonely bird out of his misery.

This picture is of the guinea’s feet postmortem. They look so incredibly prehistoric. And creepy.

Gila Cliff Dwellings

On our second to last full day in the Gila National Forest, we finally made it down to see the cliff dwellings. On our first road trip, we stayed a night at The Wilderness Lodge and saw tons of signs about the cliff dwellings. Since we were on a short time frame then, we couldn’t visit, but when we decided to head back to Gila, we knew we’d have to make time to go.

This shot is standing inside the dwellings and looking out into the surrounding canyon. It was gorgeous (a trend in New Mexico…). Can you imagine being one of the Mogollon people who lived in this area over 700 years ago? This is what you’d wake up to see each morning.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Prior to our time in Gila, our experience with goats had been limited to brief visits at petting zoos. Here we got TONS of hands-on experience with goats on a daily basis, from milking the mama to holding the babies. Edie in particular has decided goats are awesome…and very photogenic.

This shot is of Io (eye-oh) and her little boy nuzzling one another. Freaking adorable.