Pictures of the Week – Friday, June 22nd

This week we went from U.S. travelers to international travelers as we crossed into Canada on our long, slow journey to Alaska.

We spent the week in Montana and Alberta, Canada, exploring Glacier National Park and Banff National Park and enjoying the beautiful mountain views. We took an incredible number of pictures, trying to capture the amazing scenery, but somehow managed to consolidate them down to 3, plus a bonus.

Here are our favorite shots.


Cities across the US have embraced their local fauna and erected statutes. Our own hometown of Louisville, KY, has horses. Memphis, TN, has tigers. Custer, SD, has buffalo. But Great Falls, MT, took it up a notch.

Behold the BuffaFish!! At least that’s what we called it.

There appears to be only one BuffaFish statue in town, but that’s really all you need. It sits along the bank of the Missouri River in all of its silver & sea green glory.

Any other cities with unique animal statues out there?

The Closest to Heaven That We’ve Ever Been

We have seen some incredibly beautiful places on our travels. Some where we expected beauty; others where we did not (that’s right, Arkansas, we’re talking about you!).

This week we got our first exposure to Glacier National Park in the northwestern portion of Montana. Words are not adequate to describe the sights, sounds, smells and grandeur of this place. Unfortunately, neither are pictures, but we’re showing you one anyway. Glacier is amazing.

Obviously, the Goo Goo Dolls song popped into our heads, but we weren’t the only ones who thought Glacier must be heaven. The 1998 film What Dreams May Come used the park as a backdrop to portray heaven. Yep, we get it.


Folks, we have survived our first bear encounter!

Before heading up to Canada, we found out that the Going To The Sun Road through Glacier National Park was finally open all the way through the park. We decided that such a scenic drive was worth the extra drive time and headed off to take the winding road through mountains. And we were certainly rewarded.

This adorable little bear was hanging out next to one of the scenic pull-outs along the road, just waiting for his close-up. Luckily, our telephoto lens kept us safe and captured his cute-from-a-distance face without risking man, woman or dog!

Oh, Canadog?

That’s right, readers. Knox is no longer a mere domestic pet, your typical Kentucky pooch. He is now an International Mutt of Mystery, a Canadog!!

It is a rare pup who gets to travel outside of his home state, let alone outside of the country. Although he may not realize it, Knox is one very lucky dog getting to travel across the U.S., and now, into Canada.

Despite not realizing his good fortune, Knox is certainly taking full advantage. He’s spreading his male doggy scent far and wide, marking every tree, bush and fire hydrant he can lift his leg at!