Pictures of the Week – Friday, July 6th

The past week has finally gotten us to our summer destination – Alaska – plus introduced us to a host of new friends, both human & canine.

We spent our first few days in the 49th state exploring Fairbanks and the surrounding area – trying moose & salmon, learning to sleep where it never gets dark, and even visiting with Santa.

Here are our favorite pictures from the past 7 days.

We Made It!!

Over 6,000 miles after departing Louisville on May 10th, we finally made it to Alaska. Obviously, we took the scenic route, adding more than 2,500 miles to the journey, but it was well worth the extra time and distance.

As much as we enjoyed the drive and all the places & people we visited, however, the Alaska sign was a very welcome sight. But not just to us.

Tour buses, RVs and other passenger vehicles filled the parking area next to the sign, and dozens of travelers stood in line to get a picture. Any time you drive to Alaska from the lower 48, it’s an achievement. Definitely worthy of a snapshot…or ten.

Confused Doggy

Knox is making all kinds of new doggy friends here in Alaska. Making new doggy friends means lots of playtime…which also means a worn-out dog when it’s time to sleep at night. A win-win situation for dogs and humans!

The adorable little guy in the picture above is one of those new canine buddies. He has boundless energy and has done a great job tiring out little Knox. However, he certainly doesn’t seem as used to cameras as our four-legged friend. But that just made for the wonderful, confused head tilt shot above.

4th of July Parade

Thanks to both of our fabulous Couchsurfing hosts in Fairbanks, we have discovered that Alaska is quite the cultural experience and is filled with a number of quirky & fun-loving individuals. We got to experience even more of those folks during a 4th of July parade in Ester, AK.

Ester is a small community outside of Fairbanks. It has a reputation for putting on a hilarious, politically-liberal parade, so when our first Couchsurfing host gave us an invite, we jumped at the chance. We loaded up 2 vehicles with 7 people and 5 dogs, then drove over to watch the parade.

One of our favorite portions of the parade? Occupy Sesame Street. A man dressed up as Gonzo was pulling a wagon filled with a pig in a wig and stuffed animal versions of Kermit, Big Bird, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch, plus it was decorated with signs like “No bird should be too big to fail” and “99% of the cookies are consumed by 1% of the monsters.” And leading the way for this funny little wagon? None other than the canine version of Grover pictured above!

Let’s hope the paint washes out easily.