Pictures of the Week – Friday, July 27th

The past week concluded our summertime visit to Alaska and got us started on our slow meander back to the lower 48.

We woke up last Friday morning in Haines, spent the day tooling around the small town, and then took a late ferry over to Juneau, where we spent the weekend with more awesome Couchsurfing hosts. We left Juneau on Monday morning via another ferry which took us to Skagway. From Skagway, we put in 2 long days of driving the Alaska Highway and the Cassiar to get us to Prince Rupert for 3 nights of camping. Busy week!

Of course we saw lots of amazing sights along the way. Here are our favorite shots from the week.

Sunset Cruise

Many, many people experience Alaska via a cruise that takes them along the Inside Passage, a water highway of sorts that winds along the Pacific coast of North America. A few of the spots along this route aren’t accessible by conventional roads, so taking a boat along the Inside Passage is the only way to visit.

Continuing our quest to see & photograph State Capitol Buildings, a visit to Juneau was a must, but since no roads would lead our F-150 to town, we had to take an Alaska Marine Highway ferry. We found a ferry traveling from Haines to Juneau one Friday evening and drove our truck aboard.

What a ride! As the ferry slowly chugged along, we got to see beautiful mountains alongside the water, watch eagles and whales next to the boat, and experience an incredible sunset over the water. Even with the chilly wind, we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the deck until the sun finally set.

Iceberg, Dead Ahead!

Since traveling the Icefields Parkway in Canada and taking a wildlife cruise in Seward, we have had the opportunity to see a number of glaciers – not something we got to see back home in Kentucky! Still, each one is amazingly beautiful…and massive!

Thanks to a tip and directions from our Juneau Couchsurfing hosts, we drove into Tongass National Forest to see Mendenhall Glacier. Next to the visitor center there is a trail that takes you along Mendenhall Lake to a point directly across from the glacier. Being that close you can really appreciate its immense size!

One of the really cool parts about this glacier is all of the large ice chunks floating in the lake…which of course made us say “Iceberg, dead ahead” way too many times!

Canadian Construction Canine

Meet Rex, a friendly little Border Collie mix who helps out his owner during roadway construction jobs in western Canada.

His owner is one of the flaggers who helps route traffic through single-lane portions of road work. Rex helps her greet cars (and slow them down – no one wants to hit a dog!) when he isn’t taking a nap in her truck. We loved the fact that Rex got his very own safety vest!

Too bad we weren’t at the traffic stop very long – Knox would have loved to play with this little guy!