Pictures of the Week – Friday, February 24th

This has been a busy week for our camera! Our final days at the WorkAway home, a drive along the Turquoise Trail, Edie’s birthday, a stay in Santa Fe, and a drive up to Taos – so many photo opportunities!

However, so this doesn’t become only a photography site, we’re going to continue the trend of the past two weeks and limit our Pictures of the Week selections to just 3 photos. Never fear though – there are plenty of other photos from the week sprinkled throughout our posts!

Laugh Lines

Black & white photographs of people can be so striking. They practically tell a story on their own.

Unfortunately, the deep laugh lines on the gentleman in this photo don’t even come close to capturing all the stories he had to tell, the incredible kindness in his heart and the knowledge he had amassed over the years. Still, it is a great picture of a great man. [And if you look closely, you might even see Scott’s reflection in his eyes.]

Clean Puppy, Sad Puppy

Animals are a favorite subject for the photos we post on this site. Cute and sometimes furry creatures doing funny or adorable things – what’s not to love? And since he is with us pretty much 24/7, Knox is by far our most often photographed member of the animal kingdom.

Knox can be a very expressive pup – his eyes let you know how he feels. He is most certainly NOT a fan of water, so when we dumped him in the tub for a bath after his fun little romp in the dirt at a dog park, his eyes definitely let us know that he was less than thrilled to be subjected to such torture yet again.

Land of Enchantment

New Mexico continues to blow us away. Just when we think it couldn’t get any more beautiful, it does.

To get from Santa Fe to Taos, we decided to take the High Road to Taos, yet another scenic byway through this incredible state. What we loved about the byway, and New Mexico in general, is the vast difference in landscape and temperature that only a few dozen miles (and another 1000 feet!) will bring. The High Road took us from scrubby desert terrain and mesas to tall evergreens and snow covered mountains.

This picture can’t do the landscape justice, but it can at least give you a glimpse into the wild terrain changes you find in New Mexico.