Pictures of the Week – Friday, August 3rd

After a fun & beautiful time in Canada and Alaska, we have finally returned to the lower 48!

We woke up last Friday morning in Prince Rupert, BC, then made our way to Williams Lake, Whistler, and Vancouver before crossing into our 31st state of the trip! We began our trek along the Pacific Coast of the U.S., did a little camping at Deception Pass, and then headed into Seattle for a little city life.

Here are our favorite shots of the week.

Highway 99

Scott had visited Whistler, BC, on a skiing trip in early 2009 B.E. (“Before Edie”). So when we were planning our route back to the lower 48, Scott insisted on a side trip through Whistler to see the village and eat a little poutine.

We talked to a few of our fellow campers in Prince Rupert before heading out, and they all insisted that driving in to Whistler from the north along Highway 99 was the way to go. The scenery was supposed to be amazing.

And boy, were they right! Mountains towered alongside the curving roadway, sometimes capped with snow and sometimes without. Waterways and railroad tracks snaked along next to the roads and mountains too, and wildflowers dotted the landscape in vibrant colors. Definitely another scenic drive!

Campsite View

Our plan as we travel down the Pacific Coast is to do as much camping along the route as possible. We kicked off this plan with a few nights at Deception Pass State Park in northwestern Washington.

The park is beautiful, with lots of huge trees providing shade at campsites and along hiking trails. You couldn’t help but stare upward and notice how pretty the sun looked shining through the branches. You also couldn’t help but notice just how tall the trees were, too!

Hello, Seattle!

None of the 160K crew has spent any time in Seattle, so when a friend of Edie’s from high school and college offered up a place to stay, we decided a long weekend in the city sounded like a great plan.

On a clear and sunny day (apparently a rarity in these parts…), we headed to a park and managed to catch this incredible glimpse of the skyline on one side and Mount Rainier hovering like an apparition on the other. If only we’d been prepared with the tripod and another lens, we might have gotten a bit better shot of this amazing view!