Pictures of the Week – Friday, August 31st

It’s been a big week for the 160K crowd! We left San Francisco last Friday, made stops in San Simeon, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles, and then finally finished our long commute down the Pacific coast on Thursday when we arrived in San Diego. We’ve visited Hearst Castle, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Nixon Presidential Library…where Edie was treated to her first California earthquake!

Now that we are finally in San Diego, where Scott lived for 14 months before starting this journey, we’re going to take some time to relax and catch up with friends in addition to catching up on our blog!

But for now, here are the photos we liked best from our busy week.

Engineering Feat

Our drive along the Pacific coast through Washington, Oregon, and California has been breathtakingly beautiful! The Pacific Ocean on our right for most of the way, we have been treated to some gorgeous views.

In addition to the beauty, we must also note that parts of this route are an engineering masterpiece. The bridges are not only functional but works of art, too. Without engineers to create this scenic byway, we would have been forced much farther inland to make our drive…and we would have missed the beautiful views and sunsets along the way.


We have been so blessed on our trip to stay with so many dog lovers who are more than happy to put up with Knox in all his quirky glory. Staying with dog lovers has also meant plenty of playmates for Knox and plenty of photo ops for Edie.

Our fabulous Couchsurfing hosts in Santa Barbara were true dog lovers with a minimum of 4 and more often 5 dogs in the house during our whole visit. In addition to Knox, their own dog Sunny, their neighbors’ dog Poppy, and dog-sitting visitor Lily, there was also their dog Kodi (short for Kodiak), the giant, loveable pooch pictured above.

Despite being pretty advanced in dog years, Kodi loved his morning walks on the beach where he would happily bound into the ocean for any stick, ball or piece of driftwood we were willing to throw. We loved this happy picture of him since we think it captures his personality!

Santa Monica Landmark

The Santa Monica Pier is an iconic California landmark. It is over 100 years old, holds an amusement park and shops, and has been featured in dozens of movies, TV shows and music videos over the years.

As we drove from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, we saw the giant pier stretching out into the ocean and decided it was worth a photo stop. Walking along the wooden parking area of the pier is a bit scary as you listen to the creak of the boards when the heavy cars drive across, but the sound of laughter from the amusement park rides tells you that the pier is a happy, fun place (so Edie’s fear of plunging into the sea when a car moved along the pier was unfounded).