Pictures of the Week – Friday, August 24th

Not surprising, but it has been another busy week. We started our week in Crater Lake, then moved back out to the Pacific coast of Oregon and California, traveled through Redwood National Park, and closed out the past 7 days with some time in the San Francisco area. We saw incredible scenery, tasted some fabulous wine and caught up with old friends (Edie got to see her friend Rachel from middle school for the first time in almost 20 years and her law school classmate Jason & his wife Soo for the first time since their wedding almost a year ago). It was a wonderful week.

Again, there were lots of pictures that we loved, so narrowing the choices down to 3 was impossible. Thus, here are 4 of our favorite pictures from the past week!

Pacific Coast Sunset

Much of our coastal drive has shown us how dense fog can be. We went through Washington and most of Oregon without finding a clear morning or evening. Not ideal conditions for getting a sunset picture, huh?

Luckily, after our fun time at Crater Lake, Mother Nature gave us a break when we returned to the Oregon coast for one more night of camping.

Since the skies were clear, we headed out to the beach for sunset. Huge rocks stood tall out in the ocean as the waves crashed against them, and pretty yellows, reds, pinks, and oranges lit up the blue sky. Even Knox seemed to enjoy himself…until he got his paws wet at least!

Walking Among Giants

We’d heard of the giant redwood trees in California, but we figured the really big ones were in Sequoia National Park. Nonetheless, we decided to travel through Redwood National Park and take a few of the scenic drive detours off Highway 101 through the area.

Wow is an understatement. Incredibly tall trees lined the road ways, providing a gorgeous shaded canopy where only a few streams of sunlight break through. It turns out that although the trees in Sequoia are often wider, the coastal redwoods in Redwood are taller. We’re talking 350+ feet at times! (And trees that are 600-1000 years old…humbling, for sure.)

The beautiful views, reduced traffic, and peaceful quiet on the scenic drives in Redwood were definitely worth the detour!

Tasting Time

You cannot go to northern California and NOT visit a winery! You would miss out on a huge part of the culture and economy of the area; the hillsides are filled with grape vines around there. Not wanting to commit such a crime, we went to two wineries in Sonoma, Cline Cellars and Jacuzzi Family Vineyards.

Even if you are not a wine drinker, a visit to at least one winery is worth it. We took a tour at Cline and learned all about the history of this family’s winemaking and how the process works. We got to walk out into the vineyards and even taste one of the grapes straight from the vine.

Besides the vineyards, many of the wineries have beautifully landscaped grounds where you can walk and enjoy a picnic. Just watch out for mud sharks!

Bonus Photo…It’s For The Birds

We couldn’t resist including this one.

If you haven’t watched the classic Hitchcock film The Birds, then you are missing out. We all enjoyed the movie. That’s right – ALL of us. The humans of 160K liked the story, and Knox enjoyed trying to chase the birds flying across the television screen. Thus, when we saw we would pass through Bodega Bay, CA (the location of the movie), we knew we’d have to check it out.

Unfortunately, film fans, if you want to check out the Bodega Bay School where one of the first large scale bird attacks occurs, then you will have to drive down the road a bit to Bodega, CA. Obviously, we decided to go, and got this shot of the famous schoolhouse. Luckily, though, we didn’t have any more bird encounters of our own!