Pictures of the Week – Friday, August 17th

We spent the past week enjoying Oregon – meandering along the coast plus a weekend stay in Portland. The week was filled with fun times and beautiful scenery.

We woke up last Friday at Fort Stevens State Park, kicked off the day with a Goonies-themed tour of Astoria, visited Fort Clatsop, and then headed to the city for the weekend. In Portland, our fabulous Couchsurfing host took us to the Bite of Oregon food festival (obviously, our love of food festivals is universal knowledge…) and introduced us to Ground Kontrol, an adult arcade. After tons of fun for the two- and four-legged 160K clan, we headed west to continue our trip down the coast.

It was hard to choose, but here are our favorite photos of the week.

Sweet Smells of Portland

As much fun as we had at the Bite of Oregon, the Portland Farmers’ Market, and Voodoo Doughnut, we decided that perhaps we should do more than just eat our way around the city. So we let our noses guide us in a different, less calorie-laden direction.

We took a stroll through the International Rose Test Garden located on the west side of the city. Founded back in 1917, the garden is the oldest rose test garden open to the public in the U.S. Its main purpose is to serve as a testing ground for new rose varieties.

The smell of the place is strong…so allergy sufferers, beware! For those who don’t get the sneezes from strong floral scents, this garden has an absolutely heavenly smell in addition to the beautiful sight of the flowers. The variety of colors was incredible!

Driving the Pacific Coast

When we decided to drive along the Pacific coast from northwestern Washington all the way to San Diego, California, we knew we’d be in for an incredible ride.

The rocky beaches along Highway 101 in Washington and Oregon have been breathtaking. Birds and driftwood are often strewn about on the sand. Sometimes the cliffs are so high you can only look down at the water but not make it to the beach. Pullouts line the road so that the many tourists can take advantage of the incredible views – something we are certainly doing along the way. And from what we hear, the views are only going to get more amazing!

There has been an unexpected bonus to the trip, thanks to camping out along the coast. Nighttime wildlife noises. We aren’t referring to your average chirping cricket or even the plentiful sea gulls. No, we get to wake up in the middle of the night to hear the barking of sea lions!


Our weekend in Portland was a fun-filled time for all of us – Knox included! Our wonderful hosts had a variety of playmates for our four-legged friend. There was Rowdy, a 17-year-old arthritic pooch who could amazingly still move lightning fast when it came to chasing a tennis ball, and Macaroni, a Corgi mix with silky fur who loved attention. And then there was Lestat, the 10-year-old Dachshund-German Shepherd mix pictured above who was blind.

Lestat’s impaired sight wasn’t too much of a hindrance for him. Yes, he did occasionally run into things, but not too often (dogs’ noses are truly amazing!). He certainly managed to keep up with Knox – they became one another’s BFF for the weekend, playing almost constantly when the humans weren’t making them sleep.

If you want to see just how much Lestat’s blindness didn’t affect his playtime, check out the video below.