Pictures of the Week – Friday, August 10th

No shock here, but we have had another busy week!

We spent last weekend exploring Seattle with our fabulous hosts, Scott & Mary Kate (Edie knew Scott from high school and college), who took us to an outdoor movie (watching Top Gun on the big screen with a huge crowd is an AWESOME experience, just FYI), gave us an aerial tour of the city, provided Knox with 2 adorable playmates (Nilla and Porter), and much, much more. Then it was on to explore Olympic National Park and the Washington coast. Next week? Oregon!

Here are our favorite pictures from the past week.


Scott & Mary Kate also introduced us to Seafair, a summer festival of water & air events in Seattle. We spent a good portion of our Saturday checking out an air show, people-watching, and enjoying warm temperatures and sunshine (actual summer weather – FINALLY!).

The air show was incredible. The Blue Angels were the main attraction for the show, but we were also pretty darn impressed watching the acrobatic planes that trailed smoke behind them in the air. The contrast between the blue sky and white smoke made a pretty darn cool picture, too.

A Trip To The Olympics

Alas, not those Olympics. Being on the road without a TV, we have pretty much missed out on watching the athletes compete over in London.

Instead, we decided to head toward the Olympic Mountains and spend a few days exploring Olympic National Park. The amazing and varied landscape was easily as inspiring as the athletes strutting their stuff across the pond.

On our second full day, we took a hike out to the above-pictured Sol Duc Falls. Even at the beginning of the 1 mile trek, we could hear the sound of the water rushing over the falls. Once we were close, we could even feel the spray. Good thing the athletes don’t have to dive off something like this!

A U.S. Rain Forest

We continue to be blown away by the landscapes we see on our trip around the U.S. We knew the Pacific Northwest got rain, but we had never really realized that there was a rain forest there.

A temperate rain forest stretches from southeastern Alaska to northern California. It isn’t like the tropical rain forests you typically think of, but this forest definitely has a high moisture content.

We visited and took a hike in the Hoh Rain Forest of Olympic National Park. The ground was covered with mosses and ferns, plus crawling with giant banana slugs that look like key players in a sci-fi film. The moss was also clinging to the trees, practically coating them. Forget brown – all you see is green!