Pictures of the Week – Friday, April 6th

Yet again, a week filled with new experiences and new states along our journey (not to mention a couple great basketball games – congratulations to the University of Kentucky!).

We started our week with a few last days on the Colorado ranch and ended our week in Little Rock, Arkansas – with drives through Kansas and Oklahoma in between.

Here are the shots we liked the best.


We’ve learned that mice and other rodents are a part of farm life. This is why most farms have one or more barn cats roaming the property. The cats may look all cute and cuddly, but they are fierce little hunters, too.

Unfortunately, Knox thinks cats are for chasing. Thus, he spent his time on the ranch chasing the 2 barn kitties ENDLESSLY. However, the cute little cat in the picture above showed Knox why she has managed to survive on the ranch despite her small size and the threat of bigger critters – she gave Knox a nice swipe of her claws across his snout and managed to out run him every single day. Final score: Knox 0, Cats 14.

On The Hunt

Our host’s boyfriend was nice enough to let us tag along on a prairie dog hunt our final Saturday on the ranch. Prairie dogs are everywhere in southwest Colorado, and farmers are thrilled to let hunters use the little vermin for target practice. Everyone benefits.

While the boys were scanning the horizon for critters, Edie was scoping out more photo opportunities. She ran across this front half of an old truck stuck in the ground with the rolling hills and mountain in the background. Unlike the prairie dogs, the truck stayed still for a picture.

Its Bulls and Blood; Its Dust and Mud

We have been dying to see a rodeo on this trip. Although the rodeo came to town back in Louisville, neither of us had ever bothered to go see it. So when our host told us about a high school rodeo a few towns away, we decided to make the trip and get our first glimpse.

This may have been a high school rodeo, but the thrills and the skills were still there. We saw teenage boys leap from galloping horses onto horned steers. We saw teenagers throw ropes over horns and hoofs while not losing stride on their horses. And we saw more teenage boys stay atop bucking broncos.

Speaking of broncos, this was our favorite shot from the rodeo. Many of the pictures didn’t turn out so well, thanks to the plethora of dust, the low light and the very amateur photographer, but we decided this one was pretty cool. In fact, it almost doesn’t look like a real photograph; it kind of looks like a painting. But it was all real – including the angry looking horse!