Pictures of the Week – Friday, April 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Unfortunately, we have no pictures of Jason or black cats or other spooky things. Not too much of that along this week’s drive (trust me – if we had seen Jason, there would be a picture!).

Over the past week, we have come back to the Eastern side of the U.S. after spending 3 months in the West. And what a wonderful time to return – SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! We were greeted with lush, green landscapes everywhere. It certainly made us realize the vastly different scenery found in different regions of the U.S. All pretty in their own way, of course, but springtime in the East is certainly beautiful!

Interfering With Nature

As we drove into Arkansas and through the Ozark National Forest, Edie noticed a box turtle on the side of the road…which of course means we had to turn the truck around. This little turtle was slowly making her way into the road, and Edie was not about to let it meet its fate under the wheels of some vehicle speeding along the road.

Of course, before she turned the little turtle toward the grass, she got a few pictures. Luckily, this little gal wasn’t too scared and didn’t pull all the way back into her shell. Apparently she wanted her 15 minutes of fame and was perfectly willing to pose for a few shots for our little blog.

You Can’t See Me!

Another welcome sight as we came back east? Wildflowers! They were everywhere along the roadside as we drove along…which again meant that we had to stop the truck so Edie could get a few pictures.

While she was snapping some pretty pinkish-red flowers, a butterfly started flying close by. Edie’s patience was in unusually good supply, and she was able to wait out the little critter long enough to get a few cool shots as it landed.

Water, Water Everywhere

More often than not on this trip, plans change. Recently, our plans changed again and we wound up sticking around Arkansas longer than expected. This gave us the opportunity to camp at Petit Jean State Park about an hour outside of Little Rock.

Thus, we got to start our Tuesday morning with a hike to the 95 foot Cedar Falls – a great reminder of the abundance of water in the East as compared to the Western part of the U.S. It was breathtaking! And Knox certainly enjoyed the hike a lot too – he does quite well bounding over rocks!