Peach Valley Cafe (Ormond Beach, FL)

As we were driving US 1 and AIA along Florida’s coastline, traveling from our campground in Crescent City to the one in Fort Pierce, we decided that our rumbling stomachs meant a stop for breakfast was needed. We noticed Peach Valley Cafe in a strip mall in Ormond Beach and decided to check it out.

According to their website, Peach Valley Cafe is a breakfast and lunch spot with 4 locations in Florida. The menu appears to be the same at all 4, but there are daily specials as well. The regular breakfast menu gives a small but good variety of egg dishes, breakfast sandwiches, and pancakes & waffles.

Philly Steak Eggs Benedict

Being a lover of traditional Eggs Benedict, Scott decided to try the Philly Steak & Egg Croissant Benedict but substituted the standard English muffin for the croissant. The muffin came out topped with a heaping portion of thinly shaved beef, sauteed onions, mushrooms & peppers, perfectly poached eggs and creamy hollandaise with a small fruit cup and breakfast potatoes served on the side.

The creativity of using beef instead of ham was a success – the flavors worked together very well. The hollandaise was creamy, lemony & buttery – exactly what hollandaise should be. Nothing outstanding about the sides of potatoes and fruit, but they were still good.

Greek Omelet with Sausage

Edie opted for the Greek Omelet (a three-egg omelet with baby spinach, roasted red peppers and feta cheese) with sausage added in. All omelets are served with a choice of either breakfast potatoes or grits and toast, English muffin or buttermilk biscuit. Being a good Southern girl, Edie opted for grits and a biscuit to accompany her breakfast.

The omelet was big and fluffy with the flavor of the sausage adding a great spicy touch to the peppers, spinach and cheese. The only negative was that instead of being spread throughout the omelet, the feta all seemed to get clumped in the middle. As for the sides, the biscuit was incredibly dense, and the grits were literally perfect with a thick, creamy texture and buttery flavor.

Breakfast Special – Pumpkin Pancakes

There were actually 2 breakfast specials that day although one was just a variation of the first. There were plain pumpkin pancakes (coming in either a single or triple stack) and then there were the “Harvest Pancakes” – pumpkin pancakes with Craisins, pecans and white chocolate added to the batter (again coming in either a single or triple stack). Since we both LOVE pumpkin, we decided to split a single plain pumpkin pancake so that the great flavor of pumpkin wouldn’t be distracted by all those add-ins.

Since our server knew we were splitting it, she had the kitchen go ahead and divide the pancake in half and bring it out on 2 plates – which unfortunately made for a crowded table! However we were definitely not disappointed with our choice. The pancake was HUGE (can’t imagine eating 3 of these!), the pumpkin flavor was amazing, and the light dusting of powdered sugar was a good amount of sweet.

Between the butter dollop served on top and the pumpkin in the batter, the pancake was incredibly moist, so moist that we really didn’t need any syrup – but we added a small drizzle anyway. That only made the pancake even more incredible!


The service was fast and efficient. Our server Bonni kept our coffee cups filled and made sure we had everything we needed.

Overall Value

Including tip, our total came to $36.00. Considering we actually ate 3 breakfasts with that pancake thrown in, the price tag isn’t too bad. The portions were ample, the food was good, and the bottomless cups of coffee were only $1.95 each.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

Wow! Mommy and Scott are certainly making up for their failures at Mrs. Wilkes’ and Leopold’s. This time they brought me some beef, some eggs, some sausage, some biscuit and some pumpkin pancake (have I mentioned how pumpkin is like crack for dogs?). It was sooo yummy! Scott even had to pry the napkin out of my mouth at the end when I tried to suck the last bit of flavor out of it.

Overall Ratings

Philly Steak Eggs Benedict
Greek Omelet
Pumpkin Pancake
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