Lower Michigan: Gerald Ford, Lansing, And Wine

Our trip to Michigan didn’t just entail 5 days of camping at Warren Dunes State Park. That was actually the last part of our Michigan stop. We started with a brief journey across the southern portion of the state to see Ann Arbor and Lansing and later decided to get some wine after all those billboards made it sound like a good idea.

Ann Arbor & The Gerald Ford Presidential Library

If you’ve followed us for long, you know that we’ve been trying to hit the Presidential Libraries when we pass near them. Thus far, we’ve made it to the Lyndon Johnson Library in Austin, TX and the Bill Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR. We decided it was time to add a Republican to our list, so we kicked off our week in Michigan with a stop in Ann Arbor to see the Gerald Ford Presidential Library.

Unlike the other two libraries we’ve visited, Gerald Ford’s is split into two pieces. There’s the Presidential Library on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. And then there’s the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, MI. That means that there’s not really much to see at the Library. It covers a small part of one floor and takes all of about 45 minutes to see the exhibits.

There’s some interesting information about Ford’s political career and presidency, along with information about Betty Ford. If you’re in the area with an hour to kill, head on over to the Library. One day, we’ll make it to the Museum to see if there’s more to see there.

After that, we headed off to Lansing to see the capitol…though not before we gnoshed on some burgers at Krazy Jim’s Blimpee Burger.

Lemon Creek Winery

On the drive to Warren Dunes State Park, we kept seeing signs for some of the numerous wineries along the coast of Lake Michigan. We decided that a wine tasting would be a great way to spend part of a day and opted for Lemon Creek Winery, which isn’t too far from the state park.

To give some credit to Lemon Creek, we each did a tasting to sample 5 of their wines each. Actually, we sampled 10 wines each since we share them all. Obviously we liked some better than others, but all were really good. We were particularly pleased with the Grands Lacs Blanc and Grands Lacs Rouge and picked up a bottle of each.

More In The Future

We consider our week in Michigan to be just the beginning. We haven’t made it anywhere near the Upper Peninsula yet, an area that we both really, really want to see.


Here are some pictures from our week in lower Michigan.