Loveless Cafe (Nashville, TN)

On our first road trip together, we stopped at Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN, for a big breakfast before winding along the Natchez Trace Parkway. Since we had such great memories of the food (and the road trip!), we decided to go back for another visit when we traveled through Tennessee back in October.

Loveless Cafe has been pleasing folks in Nashville since the 1950s. It is famous for fried chicken, country ham, biscuits and preserves. Unfortunately, since we have never been there except for breakfast, we have yet to try the fried chicken…but based on the country ham, biscuits and preserves that we HAVE tried, I’m sure the fried chicken is incredible.

Country Ham and Eggs

Scott opted for the country ham and eggs platter – 7 ounces of ham, 2 eggs, red-eye gravy, biscuits & preserves and a choice of grits or potatoes. You know, a small breakfast.

The ham was salty, just like country ham should be (they do have a sugar-cured version if you prefer that). The red eye gravy doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but serves as a good moistener. The eggs were cooked perfectly over-easy – just as Scott requested.

BBQ Pulled Pork Omelet

Edie decided to just go with an omelet this time around (on our prior visit, she’d gone with a full platter – WAY too much food for her!), and she chose the BBQ pork omelet.

This was no ordinary omelet. It was HUGE! We guessed it was a 3 egg omelet with probably 6-8oz of pulled pork, diced & sauteed onions, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce all stuffed inside. Although it was a tad heavy on the sauce, the rest of the flavors went together beautifully and there was definitely no skimping on the meat!



Scott opted for potatoes instead of grits as the side for his country ham platter. The potatoes were crispy outside with a moist & soft inside – pretty much perfect.

Biscuits & Preserves

There’s nothing that can be said about the biscuits other than that they’re absolutely perfect. Soft. Buttery. Just perfect. Bonus? The preserves are top-notch, too. Although the strawberry is underwhelmingly mild, the peach is tasty (but subdued), and the blackberry will knock your socks off. They also come with honey and sorghum molasses, both of which rock on the biscuits.


It took our server (Parker) awhile to get to us (typical experience at Loveless), but once he got there, the service was excellent.

Overall Value

The total bill was $34 with coffee, tea, and tip. Not the cheapest breakfast you’ll find for two people, though the serving sizes are massive and can easily cover two meals.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

Scott and Mommy’s trip to Tennessee (and thus to Loveless) was back in October – before I was a permanent companion on the road. This means that I was in the loving care of my Grandma. Instead of a little doggy bag with a bite of omelet or a smidgeon of ham, Grandma was fixing me my very own pancake or my own mess of eggs and sausage. Ha! I did better staying back in Kentucky this time!

Overall Ratings

Country Ham & Eggs
BBQ Pulled Pork Omelet
Overall Value
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