Living The Dream – Our First Published Article

We probably don’t have to tell you all that we love writing. Recently, Asheboro Magazine asked us to write an article about our travel adventure. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity. There aren’t many things we enjoy discussing more than the past 11 months of traveling the US and western Canada.

So we called it “Living the Dream,” which was the code we used with each other for the year we were planning and saving for the trip. Here’s an excerpt, but you’ll have to go to the October 2012 issue of Asheboro Magazine to see what all we had to say.

What would make two people who had collectively spent 12 years in college earning 2 Bachelor’s degrees, a Master’s degree, and a Law degree “throw it all away”? How could we justify giving up incomes that put us firmly into the top 5% of household earnings in the US?

There’s a simple answer to that: if you’re not happy with how you spend 40-60 hours a week, what’s the point? When you don’t like your job anyway, what are you really giving up? Sure, we were giving up nice paychecks during a time when most people are just happy to have a job, but we think that’s a faulty way of looking at it. The real question is what were we gaining?

Read the rest of the article in this month’s issue of Asheboro Magazine and let us know what you think in the comments below!