Leopold’s Ice Cream (Savannah, GA)

After the abundance that was Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room, we decided that dinner was not necessary that evening, but dessert was definitely in order (ok, maybe it was Edie’s sweet tooth that decided that one). Based on a recommendation from one of our Facebook friends (thanks, Jeanie!), we decided to head back down to the Savannah Historic District for some ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream.

Leopold’s was initially established back in 1919, but took a hiatus from 1969 until 2004 when the owner, Stratton Leopold, took a break to pursue a career in Hollywood. When the store reopened, it was set up like an old-fashioned (circa 1935) ice cream parlor thanks to some help from a fellow Hollywood guy, Dan Lomino, an Academy Award nominated set designer. The fixtures from the original store were used, including the black marble soda fountain. The staff still wears little paper hats, too! One fun addition is the movie memorabilia that covers the walls.

The Ice Cream

Leopold’s might not have 31 flavors, but they come pretty darn close, plus they have rotating seasonal flavors and some pretty unique regular ones, too. Narrowing down our options to one was impossible. Two? Not a chance. Thus we opted to each get double scoops so that we could collectively sample 4 different flavors. Edie opted for Rum Bisque and Honey Almond & Cream. Scott went with Coffee Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Raspberry Swirl.

Happily, we made great choices that didn’t disappoint. All were wonderfully creamy and lived up to their flavor names, with the Honey Almond Cream capturing our top vote with the honey flavor and crunchy almonds forming a killer combination.


Total price for two generous double scoops of ice cream was $9 including tip. That’s a tad high but the portions were definitely generous and more than satisfied our (er…Edie’s) sweet tooth for the evening.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

Nothing AGAIN?? Really? But I LOVE ice cream (just ask my Grandma!). Just because Mommy and Scott took me to the dog park to play does not mean that they get a free pass on bringing me leftovers! Good grief!

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