Julien’s Po-Boys (Lafayette, LA)

On our drive from Grand Isle, LA to Sulphur, LA for an overnight, we saw a few signs for restaurants advertising po’ boys. This sparked a discussion about what is the difference between a po’ boy and just calling something a plain ‘ol sandwich instead. God bless the iPhone – we looked it up on Wikipedia and found this excellent explanation:

A po’ boy…is a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana[,]…almost always consist[ing] of meat, usually roast, or seafood, usually fried, served on baguette-like New Orleans French bread, known for its crisp crust yet fluffy center.

Geeks that we are, we were thrilled to now understand the nuances between a po’ boy and other sandwiches, but the result of the discussion had mostly just made us hungry. Thus, we decided to try a sample of this regional cuisine. Our immediate search thereafter led us to Julien’s Po-Boys.

A local Lafayette restaurant with 2 locations, Julien’s, as its name implies, specializes in po’ boys, offering more than 20 varieties of the sandwich. They serve other food, such as salads and seafood platters, and also serve the famous New Orleans sandwich, the muffuletta.

Shrimp Po’ Boy

Edie went with the half portion of a basic shrimp po’ boy – seasoned, fried shrimp with lettuce on crusty bread – except she swapped out the regular mayo for a little spicy tartar sauce on the side. The bread had a wonderfully crunchy exterior with a nice soft middle that came out stuffed with about 7 nice sized shrimp that were fried to perfection. The lettuce was a cool & crisp accompaniment to the warm shrimp, as was the tangy tartar sauce.

Ragin Cajun Po’ Boy

When he discovered that a muffuletta wasn’t an option (Julien’s had run out of olive salad), Scott opted to go with the half portion of Julien’s Ragin Cajun Po’ Boy – ham boiled in crab boil and then seasoned with Julien’s special seasoning blend, topped with melted jalapeno cheese and dressed with mayonnaise & lettuce. As with Edie’s po’ boy, there was no skimping on the meat. The ham was thinly sliced and super tender with a great blend of flavors. Again, the lettuce was just a nice accompaniment instead of being overwhelming to the sandwich.


We ordered the sandwiches to go since we wanted to keep driving, so there really isn’t any service to rate. However, the woman at the counter who took our order was highly entertaining…

Overall Value

We opted for half portions of our po’ boys since we just wanted a little something to hold us over until dinner, but the 6 inch sandwiches were plenty filling for a snack and would make a nice, light meal, too. Total cost was just under $11.00 for the 2 sandwiches – a pretty great deal considering that Julien’s doesn’t skimp on the meat on their sandwiches!

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

The great thing about the meals that Scott & Mommy eat in the car is that there is no way they can forget the dog! Pretty hard to ignore me when I drool on the center console or nudge my face against their arms while they eat. This works out to multiple bites for me – and the po’ boys sure didn’t disappoint! The shrimp and ham were tasty, and the bread was nice and crusty. I think Mommy gave me a few too many bites of bread over meat though – I went into carb overload and had to take a nap!

Overall Ratings

Shrimp Po’Boy
Ragin’ Cajun Po’Boy
Overall Value
Final Rating
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