Jellystone Park Campground (Cave City, KY)

After two great barbecue stops in Owensboro, KY in as many days (Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn and Old Hickory), we went to Mammoth Cave National Park to do some more camping and see the cave that neither of us had ever been to.

We decided to camp at Jellystone Park just a couple miles down the road from Mammoth Cave. They also have cabins and bunkhouses available for rent. Lucky for us, we didn’t need to use our bear spray. Then again, we didn’t leave any pic-a-nic baskets laying around.

The Storm

We did get hit with a severe storm around 4am one morning that sent us from our tent to the truck to ride it out. The tent survived just fine, though a tad wet. The pop-up canopy on the other hand…not so much. It ended up in the dumpster after the first 10 seconds of wind twisted it around the bed of our truck. Luckily, other than a little white paint from the leg, the truck took no damage.

We initially thought the canopy survived too, but one of the legs was broken and two other poles broke when we managed to collapse the thing for transport to the dumpster (after ripping the leg off so that it would actually collapse to fit in the dumpster). It’s not such a big loss though. It was a cheap canopy and we were thinking of storing it anyway since it doesn’t get much use, but takes up a lot of room. Here’s a before and after of the storm.


Jellystone Park is located in Cave City, KY, just a couple miles from I-65 and maybe 10 miles from the Visitor’s Center of Mammoth Cave National Park. In terms of things to do, it’s a great location. It’s right by the Interstate should you just be passing through.

Along with Mammoth Cave and all of its recreation opportunities, Guntown Mountain and Dinosaur World are both within a few miles of the campground.



Like any campground worth its salt, this one has good water setups on each site, plus electric hookups. Like the best campgrounds, this one also has wi-fi. It wasn’t the best wi-fi, but it gets the job done.

They also have laundry facilities, which we put to good use. There are 6 washers and 6 dryers running $1.50 per load.


As usual, we picked a spot right by the restrooms and shower facilities. It makes any unfortunate middle-of-the-night restroom trips slightly less unfortunate. There’s not much to say about the restrooms and showers. They were what you’d expect – clean with hot water in the showers, plus they had soap and high speed hand dryers. After a couple of the places we’ve been recently that had soap but no towels or dryers or towels but no soap, that’s a bonus.


Much like Big Bear Resort at Kentucky Lake, Jellystone is more of an RV park. The sites are all pull-throughs, making them a tad smallish. We actually had to tie one of the tie-outs on our rain fly to the neighboring site’s water spigot.

Unless you’re in an RV or the park is two-thirds empty like when we were there, you’re not going to find yourself with much privacy.

We did have some friendly ducks that came to visit on a daily basis to eat whatever they could find in the grass. They weren’t too interested in playing with Knox though.


Jellystone has the standard pricing for a site with water and electric of $25 per night. Given the proximity to the Interstate, Mammoth Cave, and several other area attractions, there’s no snivelin’ here.

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