How To Avoid Being Left Behind

Hello, 160K readers! Scott and Mommy have again turned over blogging duties to me for the day so that I can pass along an important message to my fellow canines. All you dogs out there, this is an important PSA so listen up!

How many times have your humans left you behind when they’ve gone on a trip? I’m willing to bet more often than not. If you were lucky, maybe you got to stay with your Grandma or in a really plush boarding facility, but that still isn’t the same as being with your humans.

What about being forgotten? Have your humans accidentally left you behind on exciting trips to the park or PetSmart?

Well, never fear, pups. After surviving 4 months on the road with my humans and not getting left for good in a random hotel room or on a farm, I’ve developed some pretty incredible tactics to avoid being left behind. Because let’s face it: no matter how many tricks they make us do to earn one stinking Beggin’ Strip, we dogs still prefer to be with our humans as much as possible.

Be Good & Act Cute

In general, if you are a well-behaved and insanely cute dog like me, it’s hard for any human to forget about you. Or want to leave you behind. Unfortunately, humans make mistakes sometimes.

Therefore, the first step to avoid getting forgotten or left behind, is to always be a good dog. Humor the humans and do the silly little “sit, stay, shake” crap that they enjoy so much. It isn’t asking too much (trust me; my humans make me write blog posts!). In addition, don’t eat socks & underwear and try not to bite people…especially kids. Humans really seem to get upset when you bite kids.

Look Sad & Pathetic

If your humans don’t notice or appreciate the cute & good routine, you’ve got to raise your game.

How you ask? Simple. Ever seen an SPCA commercial? Copy the longing looks of those dogs & cats, and your humans will not be able to leave you behind.

My personal favorite trick for looking sad & pathetic is to rest my face on a chair or table, then sigh loudly. My Mommy can’t resist that one. Bonus? Not only do I not get left, but I get cuddles and treats sometimes when I do that!

Sit By (Or On…) Your Humans’ Luggage

Some humans are a little more thick-headed. They don’t realize that you want to go on the trip with them. For those humans, a less subtle approach is necessary.

In those instances, my first suggestion is to invade your humans’ luggage space. Sit next to that suitcase and give a little woof. Or sit on top of that carry-on. Pretty hard to miss the “don’t forget the dog” message when you make it clear you should be taken along on the trip, just like their bags!

Block The Door

Sometimes, the luggage is out of our reach or, even worse, already packed in the car. If that’s the case, never fear. There is another option.

Block the door. Sit in front of it. Lie down across the threshold. Something that prevents your humans from opening the door without taking notice of you. If they see their happy pooch waiting patiently by the door, how could they leave him or her behind?

One word of warning: be sure to pick the right door!

Become a Stowaway

Unfortunately, some humans can be pretty stubborn. Even worse, some humans don’t want to take their pets on vacations and other trips. In those cases, I recommend drastic measures.

This last option requires you to be quite stealthy. You must not only escape your humans’ home, but you must carefully sneak into their vehicle without getting caught. This means no barking at the neighbor’s cat or chasing the squirrel running in the yard. Focus, my canine brethren!! This is the difference between adventure with your humans and a kennel with kibble!

When you see an open door on your humans’ car or truck, jump inside and then hide quietly amongst the bags. No barking; no whining. And try really, really hard not to lick yourself (apparently, what we think is quiet is actually quite a noticeable slurp…). Any sound could give you away before the trip has commenced.

And don’t worry – when you pop your cute little head out at the final destination, your humans will be thrilled to see you!