Hot Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

After our long, leisurely drive down the picturesque Pacific Coast, we got to take a break from constant travel and spend a relazing 2 1/2 weeks in San Diego doing nothing. Well…almost nothing.

Since Scott had lived in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego before we embarked on our epic journey, we were both fairly well acquainted with the area. One of our favorite parts about that neck of the woods? The restaurants! We revisited our favorite burger joint, breakfast spot, and fish taco shop, but Edie made sure we didn’t forget about dessert.

On Newport Avenue, the main drag through Ocean Beach, there is a little shop called Lighthouse Ice Cream. Lighthouse prominently features signs for its signature item – hot waffle ice cream sandwiches.

Although clearly not rocket science, the creation of this dessert was nothing short of brilliant. For $2.95 apiece (unless you get a specialty ice cream), you get a cold, creamy ice cream scoop in the flavor of your choice sandwiched between two hot, sweet waffles, and you can get the waffles in original, chocolate, blueberry or apple cinnamon flavors. Who wouldn’t love this? Well, beyond those needing to avoid gluten…

Scott had had the opportunity to sample one of these yummy creations during his time living in O.B., but somehow Edie had missed out on her many visits. Thus, our trip back to San Diego meant a required visit to Lighthouse for this treat so Edie could sample it, too.

Scott opted for chocolate waffles and cookie dough ice cream while Edie went with original waffles and butter pecan ice cream. The little paper wrappers did an amazingly good job of collecting any drips caused by the hot-and-cold dessert combo which surprisingly wasn’t as much of a drippy mess as you’d expect. And it was good. Very, very good. Lighthouse’s claim that these little treats are habit-forming is true. The blueberry waffle-blueberry cheesecake ice cream option is on our list for a future visit!