Happy Birthday, Knox!

Today is a special day for the 160K crowd – it is Knox’s 5th birthday!

Our four-legged travel companion had a rough start to life. The Kentucky Humane Society found our furry friend and his sister wandering along Dixie Highway when the two were just 3 months old. Although Knox’s sister got adopted pretty quickly, our quirky little furball took a bit longer, thanks to a slightly antisocial, independent streak. Luckily, Edie came along and gave Knox a new start in life.

The ears were big from the beginning, but the body took a little longer to catch up. The 18 pound pup is now a 50 pound ball of energy (except, of course, when he spends a week at Grandma’s…then that number quickly jumps to 60 pounds!). Knox has come a long way – and he’s certainly traveled a long way over the past year, too! How many 5-year-olds, canine or human, can say they’ve visited 37 states and 3 Canadian provinces?

We’re lucky to have our furry friend. We’ll be celebrating his birthday with a doggy-approved treat from Three Dog Bakery and lots of pets. Oh, and a nice long walk to work off the treats, too!