Grand Isle, LA

For a little early January camping on the way to our next WWOOF farm in Texas, we decided that warmer temperatures were required, so we went about as far south as you can go in Louisiana without driving into the Gulf – Grand Isle.

Grand Isle is not the type of place you want to go if you’re looking for a lot of nightlife, shopping or restaurants…but if you’re looking for fishing, hiking, beach time, and wildlife viewing, then this is a great spot to visit.

During our short 2-day trip, we did a little hiking along the trails at Grand Isle State Park – wide, flat trails along lagoons that you could also easily bike. We saw birds of every shape & size. We got to walk out along the fishing pier where we saw even more birds, oil rigs off in the distance, and dolphins playing in the ocean. Since we don’t fish (yet at least!), we got some local seafood for grilling at our campsite, but according to our friendly fellow campers, if you do fish you can easily catch your meals while visiting. Another bonus to visiting Grand Isle? Beautiful sunrises and sunsets to start and end our days.

The winter is a slow time for this little town from a tourist perspective, but in our opinion, the peace & quiet was very welcome…along with the cooler temperatures and lower humidity to keep the bugs away! This is marshy territory so we can only imagine what the mosquitoes must be like in the heat of summer…

Here are a few pictures from our visit down to Grand Isle.