Gourdough’s (Austin, TX)

When we drove through Texas on our first road trip together, we were baffled by the large number of donut shops we saw. When we though of Texas, donuts were not the first thing that came to mind. BBQ, cattle and cowboys? Sure! Armadillos, rattlesnakes and football? Definitely. But donuts? That was unexpected.

Had we heard of Gourdough’s or read the description of their Flying Pig on Adventures in BBQ, then perhaps we would have understood. Some donuts are almost as big as Texas.

Gourdough’s is one of the many food trailers serving Austin, Texas. Food trailers and food trucks can be found throughout the city, serving up some incredible food, from BBQ & pizza to a wide variety of ethnic food and desserts.

Gourdough’s is operated out of a vintage Airstream Trailer and serves up “the most delectable and crazy donut concoctions your mind and taste buds will allow.” Each donut is about the size of a flattened softball and served piping hot and fresh since each donut is fried to order. If you’ve never had a fresh, hot donut, you are truly missing out on one of life’s great pleasures!

[Just a quick note: we’re treating Gourdough’s as a dessert review instead of a breakfast review. Given the sugar content in most of their menu choices, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why.]

The Flying Pig

Scott’s choice was the Flying Pig, one of Gourdough’s yummy donuts topped with bacon and maple icing. This was the same choice made by the folks over at Adventures in BBQ. And what a perfect choice it was.

The pairing of salty bacon with the maple icing and rich donut helped to balance out all the sweet. The bacon was crisp and coated with some of the icing. We both agreed that this was by far our favorite of our two choices.

The Funky Monkey

Edie, and her massive sweet tooth, opted for the Funky Monkey, a piping hot donut topped with grilled bananas and cream cheese icing, then sprinkled with brown sugar.

Holy excess, Batman! Even for Edie, this choice was a little too sweet, thanks to the giant slather of icing. The flavors all combined for an amazing flavor, and the grilled bananas had that perfect little crust from the grill, but this Funky Monkey would have been better served with a little more fruit and a lot less icing.


For just under $16, we got two enormous donuts, a coffee and a water. Perhaps these donuts aren’t as cheap as your average Krispy Kreme, but they are huge, hot & fresh with incredible toppings – so worth the extra cost. Bonus? We didn’t need to eat again until dinner that night.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

Gourdough’s is a place as close to dog heaven as I have witnessed on Earth. A place where I can go and sit with my humans AND get bacon & sugar?!?!? Sign me up!

Although Mommy and Scott refused to buy me my own Flying Pig, they were nice enough to share big bites of both of their donuts with me. Yummy, yummy!! These donut things are good! Too bad I had to fight Scott a little when he tried to take the almost empty container away from me. I was still licking the cream cheese icing! Eating a little of the paper it was stuck to wouldn’t have been so bad!

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