Goodine’s (Sturgis, SD)

Our last morning in South Dakota, we packed up early, grabbed coffee and headed toward Deadwood & Sturgis. We wanted to see the iconic South Dakota towns, but we were also on a mission to find Indian tacos, a South Dakota regional specialty. Unfortunately, we failed miserably on our food quest, so we decided to simply give up and find breakfast before leaving Sturgis. Luckily, we found Goodine’s.

Goodine’s is a small but busy restaurant in the motorcycle mecca of Sturgis. The place isn’t fancy, but the food is pretty excellent diner fare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Breakfast Burrito

Scott opted for the breakfast burrito, a large tortilla stuffed with meat, hash browns, eggs, and cheddar cheese, with salsa and sour cream on the side.

Scott got his burrito with sausage. It was a huge, delicious, filling, & complete breakfast in the palm of your hand. Seriously – HUGE!

3-egg Omelet

Edie went with a 3-egg omelet. The omelet comes with your choice of one meat, one veggie, and one cheese, but you can add others. It is served with hash browns & choice of toast

Edie opted for sausage, onions, & pepper jack cheese in her egg-y breakfast. The omelet was super cheesey, the sausage was well flavored, and the whole meal was large. That meant there was plenty left for Scott!



The side of hash browns with the omelet were your basic hash browns – just potatoes, no veggies, meat or cheese mixed in. But they were perfectly crispy and awesome!

Toast & Jam

Goodine’s has white, wheat and sourdough toast options, so Edie went with the sourdough. It was delicious! The strawberry jam she got on the side was nothing special, but still good.


Our waitress was 50-something with a nose ring and a Betty Boop ankle tattoo (exactly what you’d expect in Sturgis, right?). She called everyone “kids” whether they were our age or 20 years her senior. She was incredibly friendly and efficient too, so no complaints here!

Overall Value

Including tax and tip, our total bill was $22.00. (The burrito was $6.99 and the omelet was $8.99.) Not the cheapest breakfast we’ve had, but Goodine’s has great portions and taste for the price.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

While I appreciate Scott & Edie’s effort to save money by not eating out as often, I am concerned that they are forgetting how dining out needs to work…at least as it concerns the most important thing in their lives – me.

I can forgive them for leaving me in the truck. The restaurant industry hasn’t caught on to my brilliant idea quite yet, so my banishment from the diner wasn’t their fault.

But the paltry offering with which they returned to the truck? That is entirely their doing!! They brought me back a sampling no bigger than the end of my paw.

Come on, Scott & Edie – you don’t need your whole meal! Focus on man’s best friend for a change and share a little more with him. Heck, buy me my own omelet or pancake! A road pup needs meat on his bones to keep up his energy for hikes and fighting bears! It’s your responsibility to keep me from wasting away until Grandma can feed me again!

Overall Ratings

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