Goode Company BBQ (Houston, TX)

On our last night at our first WWOOF farm, we met an incoming WWOOFer. We were discussing our future travel plans and when we mentioned that we’d be near Houston in January, she told us to go to Goode Company BBQ. And so we did.

The list of options at Goode is huge. They have 10 different meats to choose from. There’s the usual BBQ joint options like ribs and brisket. And there are more unusual BBQ offerings like Sweet Water Duck. We like to sample lots of different things, so we went with a Three Meat Dinner and a Two Meat Dinner. That gave us 5 meat options, 4 sides, and more than enough food to satisfy.


Texas is known for brisket. Scott loves brisket. Therefore, getting brisket was an absolute necessity. Goode Company certainly does brisket right. The brisket was fork tender and incredibly smokey. It had a thick pink smoke ring that is a hallmark of good barbeque.

Jalapeno Pork & Czech Sausages

Two of our meats were different types of sausages. First, there was a jalapeno pork sausage. It wasn’t exceptionally spicy, but was really tasty. The second was a Czech sausage. Now, we’re not exactly sure what a “Czech sausage” is, but it’s probably some variation of a kielbasa. Whatever variation of sausage it is, it’s incredibly flavorful with enough smoke and juiciness to keep you coming back.

Sweet Water Duck

We’re really big fans of duck even when it’s not smoked and you don’t see smoked duck on too many menus, so we decided to add it to one of our plates. Just like the sausages and the brisket, this didn’t leave us disappointed. Along with a strong smokey flavor, it was fall-off-the-bone tender, while still retaining the rich flavor of duck meat.

Pork ribs

Pork ribs and barbeque go together like Jenny and Forrest. Pretty much anytime we go to a BBQ joint, we get some ribs to serve as an objective standard. Well, an objective standard plus we love ribs.

The ribs at Goode Company, while good, are certainly not the best ribs we’ve ever had. They were definitely smokey, but they are pretty small ribs and not very meaty. The real kicker though was that, while they’re not tough, they’re not real tender either.



Texas BBQ focuses primarily on smoking a good quality meat rather than the sauces like other barbeque regions. The sauce at Goode Company is actually more like a marinara than a BBQ sauce. If you get sauce, they ladle a big spoonful over your meat and off you go. But the meat here is actually so flavorful and tender that you really don’t need sauce. You should get the sauce, but see if they can serve it on the side.

Jalapeno Cheese Bread

The girl that recommended Goode Company to us raved about the jalapeno cheese bread. So we went in with some anticipation of this great accompaniment. Was it good bread? Yes, most certainly. Was it spicy or cheesy? Not really. It’s basically like a good yeast bread, soft and great for absorbing meat juice and sauce. It’s definitely tasty, but don’t expect a lot of spicy or cheesy flavor.

Jalapeno Pinto Beans

For one of our sides, we went with the jalapeno pinto beans. Much like the jalapeno sausage and jalapeno cheese bread, there just wasn’t much in the way of spice that one would expect from something with “jalapeno” in the name. It was a good sized serving of beans with onions and they were delicious, just not spicy.

Jambalaya Texana

Goode Company has a side dish called Jambalaya Texana, which is basically a Texas-ized version of jambalaya. It had nice big chunks of meat, but overall wasn’t real flavorful.

Austin Baked Beans

We’ve mentioned before that we’re often not big fans of most baked beans because they’re excessively sweet. However, our numerous trips to barbeque restaurants has made us rethink what baked beans can be. We’ve found several places that serve up really good beans that don’t taste like they’ve had 3 pounds of brown sugar added to them. Goode Company is one of those places.

These beans came with big chunks of meat and apples. The apples gave it a more subdued sweetness than most baked beans and also meant that the chef didn’t have to overload it with sugar. They’re still sweet, as baked beans are supposed to be, but they’re smoky-sweet rather than cloyingly sweet. The beans are thick like a stew, another good feature.

Cole Slaw

The cole slaw at Goode Company had one good feature: it isn’t mayonaissey. On the other hand, it’s really bland. Basically, it was chopped cabbage with some carrots and no real defining flavor.


Like many barbeque places, you place your order at a counter, the plate is built in front of you, and you pay the cashier.

Overall Value

You see all of that food in the pictures above? And the strongly positive reviews of most everything? All of that was had for only $29.12. Yeah, that’s certainly a good deal no matter which way you slice it. Also, just before the cashier is a section with jalapenos, pickles, and raw onions. Just grab what you want to accompany your meal and off you go.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

Goode Barbeque? They oughta rename this place to Greate Barbeque. Unfortunately, I had to sit in the truck while my humans went inside to eat, but I forgive Goode Company for that since they serve up such delicious meat.

Per the usual, they brought me back a little of this and a little of that, making sure I got a bite or two of everything they tried. It was actually quite the hook-up. I’m sure it was Mommy’s doing, but I ended up with a plateful of food worthy of the awesomeness of me. Of course, I devoured every flavorful bite and was trying to chew the plate when Scott took it away.

Overall Ratings

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Pork Ribs
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