Taco Tuesdays at South Beach Bar & Grille (San Diego, CA)

We might’ve spent a little over two weeks sitting on our duffs in San Diego, but we haven’t shirked our responsibility to bring you the good, the bad, and the excessively delicious in regional foods. As such, it was with great pain that we forced ourselves to go to Taco Tuesday at South Beach Bar & Grille on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach, just a 10-minute walk from Brian and Bridy’s house (and Scott’s old house when he lived in San Diego).

To be sure we really did it justice, we went twice. That’s how highly we regard this task. Both of us had experienced the culinary delight of fish tacos, but Edie hadn’t had the good fortune to be in San Diego for a Taco Tuesday, except the week she spent here after Scott’s second shoulder surgery. But eating tacos while hopped up on pain meds wasn’t on his agenda.

Fish Tacos!

South Beach Bar & Grille is widely regarded as having some of the best fish tacos in San Diego. That’s no small feat given that it’s a city with 70 miles of beaches and a little over 3,000,000 people in the metro area. Basically, there are lots of places selling fish tacos.

Everyday of the week except Tuesday, tacos are $3.50 each for mahi, wahoo, or yellowfin tacos or two carne asada “street” tacos, $4.25 for shark tacos, and $3.25 for spicy chicken or ceviche tacos. Lobster tacos are $6.95 each. But on Tuesdays, all of them except the lobster are $2.75 each. A small difference, to be sure, but the crowds indicate that it has an effect.

That might seem expensive for a single taco, but these are hefty tacos. Two tacos will fill up most people, while three will take care of the heavier eaters. If you need a little more food, for $1.75 you can add rice and beans or a half-priced appetizer (daily 3-6) of chips, guacamole, and salsa.

Over our two visits, we sampled every taco option except the lobster and ceviche. In the pictures you see, we have Edie’s plate with a chicken taco and a mahi taco and Scott’s plate with a shark taco, a yellowfin taco, and the two carne asada “street” tacos.

So anyway, what’s on a fish taco? Obviously, there’s the seafood (or beef or chicken) and a tortilla (flour tortilla, corn available on request…don’t forget to request it like we did). Then there’s cheese, red cabbage, salsa, and white sauce. There’s a lot of different flavors going on here with the fresh grilled fish, the cheese, and the vegetables. Add a little of the hot sauce from the table if you want to take things up a notch.

If you order two or three of the fish tacos, it can be hard to figure out which is which on your plate. With all of the flavors on the taco, the fish can get a little overwhelmed. But if you give it a little effort, you’ll pick up the delicious differences in the types of fish and how they all blend well with the toppings.

Really, you have to order a shark taco. It might be some small variety of shark, but there’s something cool about eating a shark. Just imagine that you’re eating Jaws.

So yeah, when you’re in San Diego, get fish tacos. It doesn’t have to be Taco Tuesday and it doesn’t have to be South Beach Bar & Grille. There are plenty of places that serve good tacos, though making the extra effort to get to Ocean Beach on Tuesdays won’t leave you disappointed.