Fat Mama’s Tamales (Natchez, MS)

When we took our first road trip together – 7 days, 9 states, no interstates out to San Diego – we went through Natchez, Mississippi to cross into Louisiana. Scott had scoped out some lunch options in the area, but we had eaten a big breakfast that day and weren’t hungry when we drove through. On our current road trip adventure, we were staying the night in Natchez, so we decided to have dinner at Fat Mama’s Tamales, one of the spots Scott had scoped out last time.

Fat Mama’s Tamales is a little local spot that has been around since 1989. It has an outdoor patio area plus a spacious and very brightly colored interior dining room. Since it was a bit chilly, we opted for the indoor dining space where we were greeted by a wall proclaiming “May the bird of paradise fly up your nose” and serenaded by Jimmy Buffett playing on the sound system (yes, Brian, we thought of you, as noted by both of us sending you texts while we were there…). Festive is a good word for the place. But on to the food!

“Knock You Naked” Margarita

Neither one of us is a margarita fan. Edie is typically not a tequila fan at all. However, something about the “Knock You Naked” margarita just called out to us (probably the name). So we decided to try one.

Wow! While we did manage to keep all of our clothes on while visiting Fat Mama’s, we were highly impressed with the margarita. We actually liked it! Perfectly tart. The tequila wasn’t so strong that the smell and taste overwhelmed you, but it definitely had enough booze to make you feel it!


We couldn’t come to Fat Mama’s and NOT order tamales, but since we wanted to sample a few other items, we opted for the minimum order of a 1/2 dozen of the masa and pork concoctions. Our order came out in true tamale fashion – still wrapped in the corn husk. Once unwrapped, the masa was flavorful and moist, as was the pork inside.

Chili with Mexican Cornbread

We love chili and we love cornbread, and since it was a little cold on the evening we visited, we decided the chili sounded like an excellent option to add to our entree selections. Since it only came with one piece of cornbread (and knowing that Scott would not be willing to share…), we opted to add an extra piece so we could both enjoy our own.

The chili was thick and well seasoned, topped with onions and cheese. The cornbread was buttery and dense with a slight kick from whatever peppers were mixed into the batter. If you’re opting to share this dish, do what we did – get a second piece of the cornbread to avoid a battle!

Gringo Pie

One of the other menu items that caught our eye was the Fat Mama’s favorite, Gringo Pie – 3 tamales topped with chili, cheese, onions and jalapenos. This was definitely our favorite! How can you go wrong combining two of the house specialties and adding cheese, onions and then jalapenos for kick? The flavors blend together well for an incredible dish. If you are only ordering one thing at Fat Mama’s, definitely opt for the Gringo Pie.


Fat Mama’s isn’t a table-side service kind of place. You order at the counter, they call your name when your meal is ready and you go back to pick it up. The staff was super friendly though.

Overall Value

Our total bill, including tip, was $28.00. Considering we basically got 3 meals AND alcohol for under $30, it’s hard to beat the value at Fat Mama’s.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

To all those dogs out there who read the blog (trust me, humans – some of us in the canine are world are literate!), you’ll understand how annoying it is to be left in a car or truck while your humans go in a restaurant to eat.

They know you want some of the food, too, but do they bother to take you inside? No – they feed you some BS about health department regulations or whatever. Ha! I think it is just a power play. But I digress.

As they often do, Mommy and Scott left me in the truck while they went to dine inside at Fat Mama’s. Luckily, they realized the injustice of what they had done and brought food back to me. Did they let me devour it the moment they got back to the truck? No… How about as soon as they got to the hotel? No yet again.

Mom has this insane need to document every meal with a picture so she had the nerve to make me pose for a picture before FINALLY letting me enjoy the chili and tamales and cornbread that they had brought back to me. It’s a wonder that I haven’t bitten off her nose while she sleeps…

Overall Ratings

Gringo Pie
“Knock You Naked” Margarita
Overall Value
Final Rating
Knox’s Rating