Drive-Thru Daiquiri Bars

As we were winding our way through southern Louisiana on the trip down to Grand Isle, we started to notice a number of daiquiri shops with drive-thru windows. Call us naive, but this seemed odd to two Kentucky kids.

We thought a daiquiri was one of those frozen, sugary fruit and rum (yes, RUM – as in alcohol!) concoctions you drink on the beach (or wherever…). How could you order one at a drive-thru restaurant, just like a milkshake? Wasn’t that drinking and driving? Silly us, we thought it was illegal to drink alcohol while driving!

The proliferation of these shops made us curious, so thanks to the all-knowing Google, we got some answers. We found a handy little website, amusingly called Stuff Cajun People Like, that answered our questions (and gave us plenty of info on these shops, too – check out the link!). The author explains the whole process – and the legality – like this:

Just pull up in your car or truck and order a daiquiri off the menu. You can choose an individual or even gallon-sized portions. Next, you pay the attendant, who passes you your drinks in a large styrofoam cup through the drivers side window. That’s all there is to it! But isn’t this illegal, you ask? Not in Louisiana chére. As long as you don’t poke that straw through the tape covering the hole in the lid (wink wink), you’re on legal terra firma. It’s a foolproof law, since everybody knows that once you remove the tape, it couldn’t possibly be reapplied.

Still a skeptic? The website’s author was nice enough to link to the Louisiana law that allows this practice by the way it defines an ‘open alcoholic beverage container” as not including:

any bottle, can, or other receptacle that contains a frozen alcoholic beverage unless the lid is removed, a straw protrudes therefrom, or the contents of the receptacle have been partially removed.

Perhaps the folks in Louisiana have greater will power than we do. Give us a frosty, fruity daiquiri on a hot day, and that sucker isn’t making it home with the tape intact.

Or perhaps, as the author of the Stuff Cajun People Like blog suggests, tape can be re-applied when you see the flashing red & blue lights in the rearview mirror!

I suppose the proliferation of drive-thru daiquiri bars might explain the proliferation of MADD billboards, as well.