Dogs Along the Way

[Note: Another break for the two-legged members of the 160K family while Knox takes over blogging duties!]

Hello again, my faithful fans! I apologize for my long delay between posts, but typing with paws is quite difficult, and I don’t always feel up to the challenge. However, I have delayed long enough and finally bring you the post I know you have been craving.

Scott and Mommy did a post fairly early in our journey about the friends and family we were able to visit along the way. Unfortunately, they weren’t very thorough, and they eventually quit taking pictures during those visits to update the gallery they initially started. I, of course, am smarter than that. I decided to wait until the end of our big trip to write my post about the dogs I met along the way so that I could give a full report with plenty of photos.

As you will see, we encountered A LOT of dogs during our travels. Some were nice, some were not, and some were just plain crazy.

Female Farm Doggies

The lady dogs that I played with before our trip were pretty easygoing and viewed me as the alpha dog that I so clearly am. I assumed that all other dogs, especially female ones, would recognize my status and submit accordingly. Then I met Peanut and Mischka on our first farm-stay in Georgia.

Submissive was not part of their vocabulary…at least in regard to how they should act. For the first few days they ganged up on me, bit new holes in my backside, and made me going running to Scott and Mommy. It was quite a humbling experience for this former alpha male.

Thankfully for everyone involved – humans and canines – we learned to get along okay by the end of my stay on the Georgia farm.

And People Say I’m Crazy!

Many people (ex-boyfriends, random joggers, a pet psychic…) have told my Mommy that I’m not quite right, perhaps even crazy. So clearly, I understand what it is like to have a screw loose. Texas, however, introduced me to a whole new kind of crazy.

On our second farm-stay, we worked with a family who had 4 Great Danes/Great Dane mixes – Marconi, Tesla, Von Braun, and Goodall (notice the name theme!). I chose to spend most of my time playing with the smallest pooch, Goodall, who was only twice my size.

Unfortunately, this was a case of Dr. Goodall/Ms. Hyde (that’s right – I’m a well read doggy!). Goodall would go from happily playing to trying to kill me in 1.2 seconds. On more than one occasion she would suddenly freak out on me and attack. And then, after she’d recovered from her sudden bout of insanity, she expected me to be ready to play again. Once, she left a giant hole next to my eye from where one of her teeth sunk in during the attack.

Lucky for Goodall, she was a good horseback riding companion for her owner…otherwise her mean ways with other dogs and her taste for live chickens would have gotten her kicked off the farm!

Farewell, Sailor Moon

Our WorkAway stay in New Mexico brought 3 new pups into my life – Sasha, Harry, and Sailor Moon. Sasha was my favorite playmate at this house, but given recent events, I thought I’d tell you more about Sailor.

Sailor Moon was old – roughly 14 years old. She had bad arthritis and moved very, very slowly. She was deaf. She appeared to suffer from doggy dementia, too. She would get confused about where she was going and just stop in the middle of a room and not move. She apparently didn’t understand not to eat from my food bowl so I often had to growl at her to let her know what was mine. In hindsight, I think I was a bit harsh on her.

Mommy told me a few days ago that Sailor Moon had died. Her humans are very sad, and I bet Harry and Sasha miss her, too. My Mommy started to look pretty sad, too, so I told her that I promised to stick around a very, very long time. I don’t think my Mommy would do too well if I wasn’t around to take care of her!

Alaska Pups

Humans in Alaska are a very adventurous, rugged bunch, and their dogs are pretty darn cool, too. I made lots of doggy friends in America’s Last Frontier.

In Fairbanks, I met three cool pups. Hope was rescued from Africa when her owner was in the Peace Corps. Although she growled at me most of the time, she eventually warmed up and was lots of fun to play with during my stay. Eddie was a giant Mastiff mix with very strong jaws. Apparently, he wasn’t too bright and didn’t realize his strength, so he wasn’t allowed to play with other dogs for fear he’d kill them. He also had lots of crazy allergies and could only have lettuce and spinach for treats. What a sad, sad existence; I can’t imagine having to miss out on the joys of pancakes and ice cream cones with Grandma!

In Juneau, I got to hang out with three pugs who belonged to our Couchsurfing hosts. The two lady dogs weren’t too interested in me, so I spent my time hanging out with the cool boy doggy, Sven. He was twice the size of the ladies so he was the perfect size to be my playmate for our visit!

Annie, My Love

One of the Alaska dogs deserves her own special section.

Our Homer Couchsurfing host had a beautiful German Shepherd named Annie. I was smitten. She might have been twice my size, but I like the larger ladies. We spent hours romping around the tiny log cabin overlooking Kachemak Bay. I even cuddled up and fell asleep on her a time or two.

Annie, my love, one day I will see you again. Too bad we’re both fixed or we could make adorable pups together.

West Coast Doggies

Some of the coolest pooches from our trip live out on the western coast of the U.S.

In Portland, I met 3 more awesome dogs. Rowdy was a 17-year-old arthritic pooch who could amazingly still move lightning fast when it came to chasing a tennis ball. Macaroni was a Corgi mix with silky fur who loved attention…especially from my Mommy! There was also Lestat, a 10-year-old Dachshund-German Shepherd mix who was blind. That certainly didn’t keep him from becoming my BFF for our short weekend stay – we played together constantly!

Santa Barbara Couchsurfing brought another new groups of doggy friends. There was Kodi, a fairly senior pooch who loved his morning walks on the beach where he would happily bound into the ocean for any stick, ball or piece of driftwood the humans deemed worthy of tossing. There was Sunny, a Corgi who actually smiled at the humans. On different days during our visit I also got to play with Poppy, one of the nearby neighbor’s dog, and Lily, a dog-sitting visitor.

Finally, in San Diego, I met Nellie, the rescued pooch who belonged to Scott’s former roomate Brian. She wasn’t too interested in playing with me most of the time, but she did seem to enjoy our many visits to Dog Beach…where she made me look like a wimp by happily swimming into the water!

Pup Portraiture

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to write about all the awesome doggies I met on our journey, but never fear, there are likely still photos of them in the gallery below. [I met many, many cats along the way, too, but I’m not about to give any shout-outs to that uppity species, even the ones that let me chase them!] Paws aren’t the greatest for using a camera, but my mommy Edie did all the photo work, and luckily I have some pretty cool shots of my canine buddies from our trip around the U.S.

Can you spot the pooch who was given the nickname J-Lo – and can you guess why? Which doggy photo is your favorite?