Comanche Creek Brewery (Eagle Nest, NM)

On our first night in Taos, we had dinner with Scott’s friend Daniel and his fiance Anne Marie. We mentioned that we were spending the next day driving the Enchanted Circle scenic route, which would take us right through Eagle Nest, NM, along with lots of other small towns. Daniel mentioned that a friend of his has a small brewery right outside of Eagle Nest called Comanche Creek Brewing Co.

Let’s see…small brewery, good beer, in the mountains? Yeah, we’re all over that!

So here’s how you get to Comanche Creek Brewery. From Taos, drive a very scenic 30 miles out US-64 through Carson National Forest to Eagle Nest. When you get to Eagle Nest, hang a left on NM-38 and drive 2-3 miles until you see a sign on the left side of the road that says “Comanche Creek Brewing Company”. Take a left on Comanche Creek Road…and follow the “Brewery” signs another 2 miles down a dirt road through a huge family ranch (being sure to dodge the chickens and dogs) until you come to a small log cabin. Get out and enjoy some incredible beer.

The Beers

There were three beers on tap for us to choose from: Homestead Amber Ale, Touch-Me-Not IPA, and a Kolsch. Unfortunately, the porter Daniel had mentioned wasn’t available. But let’s focus on these three beers.

The Kolsch was light and refreshing. It’s the kind of beer that would be excellent on a hot summer day. The Amber was actually really, really good. Scott isn’t much of a fan of amber ales and would have had no problem putting down a few pints of this. And the IPA was excellent, just hoppy enough without being bitter or tasting like grass as some IPAs can be when the brewer gets a little hop-happy.

The only unfortunate thing was that we had another 80 miles to drive, so Scott could only enjoy one pint after a test flight of all 3 beers to make his choice (the IPA).

Knox Makes A Friend

Our brewery visit wasn’t just fun for us. We let Knox out of the truck to play with the company mascot, Sienna. While we chatted with Kody, the president of Comanche Creek, the two dogs ran around, got muddy, and generally just had a good time.


Comanche Creek is open Wed-Sat from 12-6pm. The next time you’re in Northern New Mexico, set your GPS or Google Maps for 225 Comanche Creek Road, Eagle Nest, NM 87718 and go patronize a small brewery that makes top-notch beer. If it’s cold, come prepared for the weather because Comanche Creek only offers outdoor seating.