City Dogs vs. Country Dogs

Hello, everyone. One Sixty K is going to the dogs today!

As we get ready to depart WWOOF farm #2, Scott and Mommy turned over blogging duties to me for a post, so I decided to tell all you readers out there about the differences I have discovered between city dogs and country dogs – me being a former city dog and now a somewhat reluctant country dog.

Size Matters

At a sleek 58 lbs when we set off on this little adventure, I was a pretty good-sized dog in my apartment building. That’s not to say that I was the biggest dog on the block, of course, but there were definitely a lot of dogs much smaller than I was.

And then we started going to these farms. Whoa!!! The smallest of the farm doggies we’ve stayed with still outweighed me by at least 10 lbs! I guess you need a little more heft to outrun the cows, kill the chickens and keep up with the horses!


Prior to all this “on the road” crap, I was used to being right next to the table at mealtimes – super handy for helping Mommy avoid leftovers. When we visited Grandma, not only did I get a specially made gourmet meal from her, but she also shared her meals with me, too. I may not have had a chair at the table, but I certainly got to be a big part of everyone’s dining experience.

Fast forward to farm life. Doggies get baby-gated out of the dining area or, even worse, kept outside during meals! If you get any leftovers or table scraps, you actually have to wait for the humans to finish first! What injustice!


City dogs have way different injuries than country dogs. For example, my worst injury prior to this trip was falling out of a MINI Cooper Convertible going 35 mph. You don’t see too many MINIs in the country…

But you do see big doggies, horses and electric fences. I’ve been zapped by the fences, chased by the horses and had multiple holes put in my rear by some sharp dog teeth. WTF?? Shouldn’t the dogs be on the same side and banding together to fight the evil cows? Apparently asserting your place in the pack is much more important out here (and I have the marks in my collar to prove it!).


I like the finer things in life…like sleeping in a bed with my head on a pillow. Before we went to the farms, I slept in the bed with Mommy (at least until Scott moved back!) or sometimes on the couch. At Grandma’s I got to sleep in a comfy chair that was designated just for me and sometimes in the big bed with Grandma and Grandpa, too. Rarely did I have to lower my standards to sleep on a dog bed or (gasp!) on the floor.

Poor, poor farm doggies. They don’t sleep in beds with their humans (some BS about walking through cow & horse poop…). They sleep in dog beds or on blankets. Sometimes they don’t even get to sleep in the house – they end up in the garage!

I Got 99 Problems…

Now let’s talk a little bit about women. Back home in Louisville, the lady dogs LOVED me! Well…they at least played nicely with me and mostly let me be the dominant stud doggy I was meant to be. Even the ones that outweighed me (hey, big girls need love too).

But then I met the women from the country. Damn, these ladies don’t mess around! They put the men in their place (read: the girls will hump the boys!!) and let them know that women rule the roost out here. So my fellow men, let this be a lesson: don’t mess with a country girl!