Chocolate Maven (Santa Fe, NM)

Since our stay in Santa Fe was going to coincide with Edie’s birthday, she had one request – that we eat dessert. And to make sure her dessert experiences were worthwhile, she went on a search for the best dessert in Santa Fe. She Googled it, she asked friends (including Dan, a friend of our WorkAway hosts), and she posted requests on Facebook. Everything pointed to one place – Chocolate Maven.

Chocolate Maven is an award-winning little bakery tucked into a small space in an office park/industrial area of Santa Fe. Not exactly where one would expect to find incredible cookies, cupcakes, tarts and cakes that look like works of art (well…practically everything in Santa Fe appears to be a work of art!).

If you find yourself in Santa Fe in serious need of sugar, definitely check out Chocolate Maven (which, thankfully for Edie, serves up plenty of non-chocolate offerings!). Just be prepared to have lots of difficulty trying to pick just one item to satisfy your sweet tooth. We decided not to be too hard on ourselves – we picked two.


We [read: Edie] ended up picking out two cupcakes for dessert. The first was the Macchiato – an espresso-infused vanilla cupcake with a caramel cream center and buttercream icing with a caramel drizzle.

We love coffee. We love caramel. We love tiramisu. This cupcake definitely captured all of those flavors. And the icing was proportional to the cake – a big bonus in our opinion.


Our second selection was the Carrot Cupcake – a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese icing. A fairly standard flavor, but one that we enjoy.

The cupcake itself was wonderfully moist, and the cream cheese icing was incredibly creamy. As we had done with the Macchiato, we gobbled it down pretty quickly. The only part we could have done without were the odd, cinnamon, rice noodle-type things decorating the type. Meh.


As tasty as these cupcakes were, they put a serious dent in the wallet. Each cupcake was $3.25. Definitely a special occasion kind of place.

The Doggy Bag, By Knox

After their disappointing performance at breakfast, Scott and Mommy had no where to go but up. First, they tried to make things up to me by taking me to a dog park. Good effort, humans, but a dog needs food. And I, for one, particularly enjoy people feed in place of kibble.

They got the message. Instead of scarfing down their cupcakes inside of Chocolate Maven, they got the goodies to-go, and we headed back to the hotel.

After what seemed like an eternity of cupcake photography (with candles, without candles, with Mommy, without Mommy…), we got down to business and shared the cupcakes. Together. As in, I got multiple bites of cake and licks of icing!


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